Anthony Pettis Vs Donald Cerrone II Verbally Agreed On by both parties (1 Viewer)


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Anthony Pettis Vs Donald Cerrone II Verbally Agreed On

Anthony Pettis has been looking to get back in the cage, following his recent loss. Now it appears he will be facing Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

Pettis and Cerrone faced off against each other back in 2013, at UFC on Fox 6. At the time, the bout was at lightweight, with “Showtime” getting the TKO win.Furthermore, it was a solid body kick that would end the fight.

Since then, both men have had busy careers, with Anthony Pettis losing the lightweight title. Moreover, Cerrone has moved up to welterweight to some success, before moving back down to 155lb. Additionally, Pettis also moved up to 170, going 1-1, with his most recent fight being a loss to Nate Diaz.

Following that loss, it has been a question of when Pettis will return. According to aFacebook post from his coach, Duke Rufus, it could be coming soon. In the post, he states a rematch between Pettis and Cerrone is agreed on.

“It has been a longtime in the making. The @ufc offered @showtimepettis a rematch with @cowboycerrone. Donald & Anthony have professionally reached out personally to one another & have agreed to fight each other. Both guys have given MMA some epic performances fighting all the top fighters in sport. We are just waiting on a date to dance.”

It is unclear when Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone would fight. Additionally, it is unknown what weight they would contest at. Pettis had his last two bouts atwelterweight. Although Cerrone last fought at lightweight, he had a good run at welterweight as well. Nevertheless, this is a rematch that would be fun to see.

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