American Horror Story


Dec 3, 2014
Didn't find any other threads on this. Who's watching/watched the past few seasons?

Gaga is playing a great rarely clothed character this year.


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Aug 18, 2014

after they killed of Twisty on the last one, I stopped paying attention to it

I know its a different story and characters, but if The Walking Dead kills off Daryl, I may just give up on FTWD

Twisty was the best character on TV in a long time!



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Aug 18, 2014
I've consistently been following it since the show premiered . Me and the Lady love us some AHS!

The first season was alright, the second,Asylum, was insane. Coven was witchin. Freak Show was pretty good, loved Jessica Lange performing "Gods and Monsters" on Halloween to summon the demon guy, spaced his name off the top of my head. Really digging "HOTEL" Lady Gaga is portraying The Countess in epic fashion, phenomenal job.

Looking forward to what else this season has to offer, got my attention so far! oh yes you know there is blood, bedlam, and intense fucked up grotesque shenanigans to come. I'm waiting for the cop to flip a lid when he finds out they have his missing son and go on a rampage.


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Oct 12, 2008
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Season 1 was good. Season 2 was really good. Season 3 was meh. Season 4 was shit; couldn't even get through it, Jessica Lange is terrible and the musical numbers were atrocious.

I didn't want to give this season a chance, but I'm glad I did. Jessica Lange is gone, which is addition by subtraction as she pretty much played the same character in every season, and had me starting to wonder if she even had to dig very deep into her creative well to find a way to portray a drunken, druggie, whore with a mysterious and troubled past.

So far so good on Season 5, and Lady Gaga has been very impressive. I didn't expect much out of her, but she has been great.


Dec 3, 2014
Jessica Lange is going to end up in this season at some point isn't she?

I hope the actress with down syndrome returns too. I thought she's been great in every season...although I missed all of Coven.

Lots of people didn't like the Freakshow season...surprised me. Although I agreed Twisty was gone way too soon. Vic Mackie being a gay was the most disturbing part of that season.

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