Ali Abdelaziz sends a warning to UFC fighters regarding USADA: ‘It’s them or us!’ (1 Viewer)


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“If you are an UFC fighter out there and USADA tried to call you and tried to talk to you directly, Never do that because their job is to get suspensions , it’s them or us.” – Ali Abdelaziz on Twitter.
A few hours later, Aziz counterbalanced his comment by sending a message of support for the company.

“USADA is very important part of this sport to keep all these cheating people out of this sport , sometime I disagree on some things but we need them to keep this sport clean.”


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Read: Fighters are so far from organized that the closest they get is a Twitter blast from their manager who can't be bothered to call all his clients about this directly.


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Good ole ali. He sure thinks he can throw his weight around. lied about being in the olympics, lied about being a champion fighter, fired as a snitch by the FBI, a known member of a terrorist group and now an agent with a slew of very high profile fighters.

What's not to trust?

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