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Alexander Volkanovski discusses Jose Aldo callout, confident he’s ‘one fight away’ from title shot

Coach: Jose Aldo wants Alexander Volkanovski next
After yet another incredible victory, the former featherweight king and all-time great Jose Aldo is once again making serious waves within his division.

Wrongfully counted out in his last two outings against rising contenders, Aldo showed them both why he’s the legend that he is and still has plenty left in the tank.

However, with his retirement firmly planned out, it begs the question of who will be Aldo’s final dance partners? Aldo’s longtime coach and manager Andre Pederneiras recently shared ideal opponent and why.

“We want him to fight Alexander Volkanovski, the guy who knocked out Chad Mendes, the guy who is the best ranked,” Pederneiras said when speaking on Confraria da Porrada. “In fact, it is the following: we have a dream to dispute the title, which is difficult. So we have the dream of our last fight to get there.

“There are only two possibilities. Max Holloway moves up in weight and leaves the belt vacant, and Aldo would be the postulate to the title, even for the history that he has and for being the first of the ranking, or to eliminate all the contenders. The Moicano fight was the first contender, in our head, and the second would be Alexander Volkanovski, who is the fourth-ranked now. Or Frankie Edgar, I don’t believe they give him the title shot while having lost to Aldo. So the guy in our head who would be the next title challenger would be Alexander now. We’re talking,”

As for one possible opponent in particular, with Aldo’s continued brilliance on display, it has gotten the public somewhat talking about a rematch with Conor McGregor. Especially after McGregor saying he would like to fight in Brazil.

As nice as it might be for Aldo to get a shot at redemption, Pederneiras sees no reason for McGregor to be interested in it.

“Conor even started some business on his Twitter, saying that he wanted to fight here in Brazil, suggesting that he would do this fight with Aldo,” Pederneiras said. “But I do not see it happening. For him, it will be marked for the rest of his life, not worth the risk. What can he do better than 13 seconds? Anything. If he makes a fight and if he knocked Aldo out in 14 seconds, it would be worse than the first, which he won in 13. So it’s a fight that he does not have any interest in.”


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Jose Aldo eyes UFC 237 fight with Alexander Volkanovski, but still open to lightweight bout
UFC 237 might have lost Amanda Nunes as one of the potential stars for the card, but Jose Aldo is still counting on fighting on May 11.

The former UFC featherweight king has insisted since the beginning of the year that he will be part of every UFC card in Brazil in 2019 before completing his contract and hanging up the gloves. After stopping Renato Moicano earlier this month, he shifted his focus to fighting at UFC 237.

The pay-per-view event will now take place at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, a venue where Aldo fought multiple times during his UFC title reign. For UFC 237, Aldo is open to fighting fellow 145-pound contender Alexander Volkanovski or anyone a lightweight opponent.

On Wednesday night, Aldo added another layer to his future plans.

Speaking with the media in one of his burger joints in Rio de Janeiro, the Nova Uniao star said his coach and manager Andre Pederneiras is negotiating his next fight with UFC president Dana White and matchmaker Sean Shelby. His ideal scenario would be fighting on May 11, but said “I can fight before or after as well.”

“I gave them some names, but Volkanovski is a good opponent and is on a great streak,” Aldo said. “He’s coming off a great win over Chad Mendes, so it would be a great fight.”

“That’s why we asked him, it’s a great match-up,” he continued. “He’s a very aggressive fighter, comes forward, so we already had in mind asking for him after (fighting) Moicano. Let’s see if it works. There’s a possibility we fight at lightweight, too, but that’s up to ‘Dede’ (Pederneiras). He has to negotiate.”

If he could choose an opponent between Volkanovski or other name at lightweight, like former UFC and WEC champion Anthony Pettis, Aldo would want “the one that sells more.”

“That’s what matters to me,” Aldo said. “Since I’m coming to the end (of my career), the most sellable is the one I wanna fight.”

Even with a rumor floating around about a potential bout between featherweight king Max Holloway and lightweight contender Tony Ferguson for an interim 155-pound title at UFC 236, Aldo won’t ask for his next fight to be for an interim championship.

“Like I said before, I don’t even think about interim belt,” Aldo said. “I’m thinking about my next fight first. As soon as ‘Dede’ comes and says my next fight we’ll think about the future, but my head is focused on other things now.”

If Holloway does move up to face Ferguson next, Aldo will cheer for him to “move up well and fight in equal conditions with everyone at lightweight.”

”I root for his victory because he’s a kid that deserves it,” Aldo said.


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Boo. I love Aldo but having him knock off contenders is silly. I'd rather see him get paid to take fun fights at LW. I would kill to see Aldo versus Gatj.. however you spell his fucking name, Justin G.


I thought the Ortega fight was in the works? Either way, pretty insane/awesome if Aldo takes such a dangerous fight.


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Fighting without a handbrake

Alex Volkanovski - Contributor
After I defeat Jose Aldo at UFC 237, I’m expecting a title shot.

Straight up.

That will be my reward for taking out the greatest featherweight of all time.

Jose is a legend of our sport and a future UFC Hall of Famer. I’ll probably still be a fanboy if I bump into him walking down the street in Brazil before our fight. That’s just how I am. I love this sport and I have the utmost respect for the guys who have come before me.

But this is my time. Jose has said that this year could be the last of his MMA career. My best years are still to come.

This game is evolving and I’m bringing a whole new level to the UFC. I’m at the top of every discipline. Grappling. Striking. Wrestling. Submissions. You name it. I’ve mixed it all together better than anybody.

I’ve got the best cardio out there. When I set that suffocating tempo of mine, Jose will drown in the octagon. If he’s thinking about retirement, he won’t have the desire to deal with what I’m going to bring. I don’t mean that disrespectfully. I just don’t believe his head is in the right place.

The only thing I have on my mind is becoming champion. Max Holloway had better be ready. Because when I beat Jose, the whole world is going to know I’m next in line.

It means everything to be in this position, because it wasn’t so long ago I feared this sport might leave me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

For most of my career in the UFC, I’ve battled chronic back injuries. I struggled with bulging discs and sciatica.

I was in pain all the time.

I found myself stuck in a cycle that seemed to have no end. I’d train until the pain got so bad that I could barely move, then I’d back off and treat the injury. When I was able, I’d return to training and wait for the next flare-up.

There were periods of up to 14 weeks where I wasn’t able to train at all. I was going into some fights with just six weeks’ worth of training under my belt and I was still getting wins.

But eventually, the bad back wore me down. After my victory over Darren Elkins in July last year, I was at breaking point mentally. It was ruining my career. I was missing out on fights and, at one point, it even cost me an upgraded contract.

I worried that just one wrong move in training would cause my back to explode in spasm, or that I’d be left in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I didn’t want that for my wife, Emma, or my daughters, Ariana and Airlie.

The whole reason I’m fighting in the UFC is to build a better life for them.

My manager, Rhys Dal Cin, could see how beaten down I was and asked if he could explore alternatives on my behalf. He ended up finding me a new sports high-performance team, working with the specialists at an Illawarra company called BaiMed.

I was hardly able to walk ahead of my first appointment last September. When the physio told me to lay down, I held my breath and tried to lock my core as I swung my legs up onto the table, half expecting my back to completely give out on me.

As it turned out, the problem was that I’d been protecting my back too much. When I was all locked up I’d let my body go as stiff as a board, which was only making the problem worse. The specialist got me to keep moving, working on my joint flexibility and strength, even when I was in pain.

After just a few weeks working under the direction of BaiMed, I’d made monumental improvements. I felt like a new me.

I worried that just one wrong move in training would cause my back to explode in spasm, or that I’d be left in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

I completely fixed the issues I had with my back and it’s been an absolute game-changer for my career. After a couple of years fighting with the handbrake on, I was free at last.

Finally, fans would have the chance to see my true potential.

They got a glimpse in my fight against Chad Mendes at the end of last year. Chad is a veteran of the featherweight division who has only ever lost to the best. He’s explosive and dangerous but he couldn’t handle the pace I set. He wore himself out. I could see it written all over his face long before I got the stoppage in the second round.

After the fight, I didn’t need any downtime. I was able to get straight back into training, feeling confident in my body.

I’m a fitter, stronger and more flexible fighter than ever before. I’m going to feel like Iron Man by the time this fight with Jose comes around.


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Alexander Volkanovski plans to send message to Max Holloway at UFC 237
“Come back down after I do this [at UFC 237],” Volkanovski said on the latest episode BJPENN Radio. “Obviously I’ve got a big task ahead of me, but I’m going to get the job done. I’m going to get that win and I’ll make his decision a lot easier for him. Come down, fight me, I’ll take that belt and there’s your decision. Go back up to lightweight you don’t have to worry about that cut anymore you know what I mean? Again, I’m not trying to trash talk, but yeah he’s not done in this division.

“I will be number one after this, I’m going to be the guy everyone’s talking about, I’m going to be the guy that everyone goes, ‘he’s the one to give Max that big fight,’ you know what I mean? Max isn’t done with this division.”

Of course, Alexander Volkanovski isn’t the only featherweight contender Max Holloway has yet to fight. The featherweight champ also hasn’t met former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar in the cage.

In Volkanovski’s opinion, Edgar is likely waiting for a shot at Holloway later this year. Yet the Australian feels that is an unwise strategy for the former lightweight champ.

“After this one, again, I’m the guy that everyone’s talking about, I’m definitely the next in line,” he said. “I think Frankie is waiting around, I haven’t heard of him taking on any fights. I think he’s waiting for Max to come back so he can fight for that title. But, letting me go and fight Aldo is a mistake if you’re waiting around for that title, because as soon as I take this win, I’m definitely going to be next in line. So you’re just going to miss out on an opportunity to fight and make some money. That’s how I look at it.”

If Max Holloway does end up staying in the lightweight division, perhaps to unify the interim title with the undisputed title owned by Khabib Nurmagomedov, Volkanovski doesn’t plan on waiting around for him.

“Whatever Max does, if he waits for Khabib, if he wins and he takes out Khabib, I ain’t waiting around that long,” he said. “I’ll fight someone for the interim and then if he wants to come back, I’ll again make that decision for him. So he can stay and not have to do such a big weight cut, and stay a lightweight.”

In a perfect world, however, Alexander Volkanovski hopes to add Jose Aldo and Max Holloway’s names to his list of victims in the very near future. If he does so, he believes he’ll go stand out as one of the greatest featherweights ever.

“Could you imagine that? I mean Chad Mendes, then Aldo, then Max,” he said. “You’ve gone from rank number 10 to rank number five, number one contender, and then all of a sudden, you take someone out like Max and Aldo in them last two fights. All of a sudden, you’re a legend of that division, of featherweight, you know what I mean? You’re taking some of the biggest names out in the featherweight division, so you’re almost the featherweight great already.”


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Jose Aldo hospitalized with an infection, UFC 237 bout vs. Alexander Volkanovski in jeopardy

After a successful start to his 2019, Jose Aldo suffered his first bump in the road while preparing for his second Octagon appearance this year.

According to Combate’s report, the former UFC featherweight champion has spent the last two days in the hospital because of a bacterial infection that sprouted from a small cut.

The report also says that Aldo was hospitalized last Wednesday and did not react well to the first dosage of antibiotics, but showed some improvement in the last 24 hours, not presenting any more signs of fever since last night.

Nonetheless, his bout against rising contenderAlexander Volkanovski, scheduled for UFC 237 on May 11th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, isn’t safe just yet. Doctors stated Aldo needed to show much more improvement before he can be released to perform at the event.

Currently on a two-fight winning streak, Jose Aldo knocked out Jeremy Stephens and most recently, on February 2, Renato Moicano. In recent interviews, the former champion said he wanted to fight three times in 2019 in order to end his UFC contract and retire from the sport.


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Jose Aldo hospitalized with bacterial infection, still expected to fight at UFC 237
Jose Aldo has been hospitalized with bacterial infection, MMA Fighting has confirmed following a report by Combate.

The former UFC featherweight champion suffered a small cut in his knee that led to an infection. He was admitted to the Samaritano Hospital in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday.

Aldo is currently slated to face Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 237 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. According to multiple sources, the Nova Uniao fighter is still expected to recover in time and be cleared by the doctors to fight on May 11.

Aldo (28-4) is coming off back-to-back knockout wins over Jeremy Stephens and Renato Moicano. The former champion has stated multiple times he hopes to complete his UFC contract in 2019, fighting twice and then retiring from the sport.

Volkanovski (19-1), winner of 16 straight MMA bouts as a professional fighter, is coming off a second-round knockout win over Chad Mendes in December. “The Great” is 6-0 with three finishes under the UFC banner.

UFC 237 will take place at the Jeunesse Arena and feature Rose Namajunas vs. Jessica Andrade for the strawweight championship as the main event.

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