Alabama Newspaper Editor Calls for KKK Reformation

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by SickNasty, Feb 19, 2019.

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    Home sweet home
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    Such and Alabamaian thing to do.
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    Bite your tongue boah!

    Damn floridian...
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    "Sutton also railed against the “socialist-communist ideology” in his editorial, saying it was for “the ignorant, the uneducated, and the simple-minded people.”

    Strange because the KKK and Nazi's have aligned themselves over the years and what are the nazi's? socialists.
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    National Socialists have always been a misnomer in regards to governing methods. The National Socialists are far more fascist than socialist, though Nazi's agreed that the means of production should be (somewhat) controlled by the government the Nazi's ran government were still very much capitalistic in nature. Socialist governments controls means of market/economics while in a fascist government it's much more corporate centered, government still has a say but corporations are less regulated and more centered toward profit. Corporations exist and work with the government, government directs what is needed and the executives of these corporations still reap the benefits as they would in a capitalists government and further in a more fascists centered government those corporations play a direct role in government. Fascism in short - While the government directs the companies still reap the profits, though the government of course gets its slice corporate execs are still well taken care of. Socialism in hypothesis, not inherently in practice (theory), is supposed to be government controls the means of production and in turn takes the excess (profits) and provides to its citizens as it needs. In a more socialism based government you will either have higher taxes and then allocation of those finances towards the public OR outright seizure of funds and then reallocation. Speech rights are slightly more restricted under both socialist and fascist governments, think 'hate speech laws' in many Western-European countries now (socialist) vs speech in countries like China/Russia in which speaking negatively of the state can land someone in a bit of physical trouble (read seizure of assets torture or imprisonment or death; Communists (China)/Fascism (Russia). Example: Modern day Russia (Russian Federation) are closer to fascism than say Denmark which is closer to socialism (both capitalist hybrids but governing methods are different and quality of life different for both countries.

    For all attempts to get this right:

    Soviet Union era / China (during Mao) era - Communists
    Nazi Germany - Fascists
    Sweden/Denmark etc (modern day) - Democratic Socialist
    People's Republic of China - Communists hybrid (closer to fascism than anything else at this point due to the growing tech market)
    Russian Federation (present day) - Hybrid fascism (capitalist/fascist)

    A good thought experiment comes to mind when you attempt to assess what type of government the United States was during its inception and till now, Democratic Republic (Capitalist / Socialism hybrid) in hypothesis.

    Throughout the majority of our inception we practice capitalists methods while incorporating many socialist methods to expand our citizenry and coordinate where wealth would fall, see the land grants before the 1940's otherwise known as Homesteading.
    Here, allow Dr. King to explain socialism in the United States up till the 1960's:

    The United States of America has been a socialist / capitalists hybrid teetering on becoming fascists, we are getting mighty close to corporations holding enough power to classify us as such, since its inception.
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