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eagles chances of winning super bowl Wentz out the window. Ziiiiiing
Wentz is confirmed out for the season. I don’t think they drop off much, if at all with Nick Foles.
Nick Foles is terrible though
Nick Foles is inaccurate, and a terrible decision maker, how is he good?
Are you fucking kidding me... Foles sucks, you claim to be an expert in the backup QB bullshit


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to be fair, the Eagles played well, but the Pats beat themselves with dropped passes
[DOUBLEPOST=1517807983,1517807789][/DOUBLEPOST]and missed field goals


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with the passes he missed to Gronk that he would have made easy a few years ago, I dunno

plus him dropping the pass in the play the Eagles scored on a little later made Brady look like he was all out of sorts

Brady looked better in the Atlanta SB IMO

How does Brady dropping a pass compare to his previous quarterback play in other Super Bowls?

He threw for over 500 yards and 3 touchdowns, and it's the first Super Bowl I can remember of him not throwing an INT.

If your defense gives up 41 points it's hard to blame any quarterback. I'm not gonna hate on the guy because he didn't have another game winning drive at the end of the game.

I'm gonna hate on him because I'm a Raiders fan.
Season of Coy!!!
Can’t win em all clearly. I’m happy with the season, clearly the win would of been great. It’s so fucking disgusting that I’m not remotely bothered by this. The amount of winning that team has done has made people around this area so spoiled that when we lose it’s really not that awful. I guess only way to understand that is to know what it’s like. It’s really obnoxious lol
He has played better as his older self than his younger self.
I do. That's how Giants fans were when they lost to the Cubs in the postseason. We're like, "ehh..."


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First of all, Nick Foles started 35 games in his first four seasons in the league. He’s not a backup QB.

Second, his career completion percentage during those four seasons was the same as Blake Bortles, so he was an “inaccurate” passer.


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You think Detroit is thinking, crap we hired the wrong coach after that defensive throttling.

And of course the bears are the ones who created that Foles touchdown. The one play Loggains did right


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Nice to see an Austin, Texas boy win another Super Bowl at QB. Congrats Nick Foles. Brady played lights out until that fumble, crazy to see the Pats D give up 41 points. I don't care who you are at QB, that's a tough hole to climb out of. Great game. Congrats to Philly for winning one and sticking it to Cowboys fans across the country.

But all of that still doesn't change the fact that Philly produces the worst football fans in history. That poor city is in ruins this morning.
[DOUBLEPOST=1517846413,1517846291][/DOUBLEPOST]Patriot haters - Brady is just a system QB! Look at what back up QB's can do in that system!

Also Patriot haters - Brady lost to a backup QB.


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