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  1. Beardown98

    The Smoking Meat thread

    Hey, I searched the forum for something like this thread but didn’t find any. Does anyone on the forums use a smoker too if so what type? I have a Texas side smoker setup that I can make some changes to, in order get better temp readings and heat retention. I just haven’t done those yet...
  2. Beardown98

    Funeral expenses

    Two days ago the world lost a very special man. He lived most of his life in pain and requires constant care after a traumatic injury he sustained in his 20’s. In spite of this he raised two great kids giving them love, care, and attention, never letting his disability stop him from being there...
  3. Beardown98

    My Divorce gets finalized tomorrow

    It's been rough road to get to this point as so much has changed in my life and children's lives since July and tomorrow my marriage will be over legally. We will always be in each others lives as we have kids together so its weird because we will always have some sort of relationship with each...
  4. Beardown98

    Tournament of Bad

    This AM sports sports talk Radio show does this every year and its runs at the same time as the NCAA tourny Thought i should share because some of these match ups are just hilarious The Tournament Of Bad First Round Play-In #1 Play-In...
  5. Beardown98

    So they Talked MMA on 670 the score (chicago sports radio)

    They gave it about 10 to 15 minutes and talked to a woman (karyn Bryant i believe) who really did nothing to talk about the fighters for tonight's fights she said Allistar is Muy Thia guy and Brock should help the sport with crossover fans.Then they touched on the Jan 28th show of course Sonnen...
  6. Beardown98

    Wand and Vitor set to coach TUF Brazil Looks like these two will be coaches and will fight at the end of the season for the first ever TUF Brazil. This looks to be set in no matter what the outcome of Vitors and Rumbles...
  7. Beardown98

    "Mayhem felt like a little boy at times" "I was surprised when we clinched and things like that. He felt like a little boy at times. I felt so much physically stronger than him. So, you know, I was confident. Every time we...
  8. Beardown98

    Going to SF Fedor vs Hendo

    Anyone else going? Is there any up and coming fighters on the Undercard i should watch for or be excited about? We are gonna be sitting right by the walk out area not the best seats but should be an awesome time.
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