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  1. Hassquatch

    Tyson vs Jones

    The fights were entertaining. I enjoyed them. I don’t think anyone expected Tyson to have more endurance than Jones
  2. Hassquatch


    Working consistently at the top of the heap with expert quality work for 30-40 years without many extended periods of time off. Immense respect from peers and those that came before and after them. Spectacular light show/live show. Maintained a tasteful quality brand for the entire career...
  3. Hassquatch


    There’s a comparison that can be made between Taker’s career and Rush’s (the band) career.
  4. Hassquatch

    Trodden & Problematique's All Things Metal Thread

    Are they still active?
  5. Hassquatch

    Me getting banned

    I didn’t get itchy or wolf ass from it, but I did start scooting on the carpet after reading it.
  6. Hassquatch

    Trodden & Problematique's All Things Metal Thread

    Any Shadows Fall fans? Loved this when it came out
  7. Hassquatch

    Me getting banned

    Goddamnit folks. It really sounds like yall got sucked into the divide and are making enemies or at least losing friends over these talking points that are given the most media time - which are those that will categorically divide the masses. Sad. Be nice to those actually in your life...
  8. Hassquatch


    I don’t think anyone had a better career than Taker did with regards to longevity, character, consistency, popularity, ring ability, style, aura, success, and dominence in the storylines and backstage.
  9. Hassquatch

    Me getting banned

    What happened? Was he fighter bashing :rofl:
  10. Hassquatch

    Election 2020

    No, I’m talking shit. Lots. Penetrated the porcelain. Persistent dirts dropping. Serious deep sour aroma. Pervasive staining.
  11. Hassquatch

    Election 2020

    Blew up a hotel toilet real bad. Nasty bombardment on that bowl for days. Sending prayers. The staining might be permanently
  12. Hassquatch

    The TRT Era

    Pride era steroids vs TRT era vs today’s steroids - who wins?
  13. Hassquatch

    Election 2020
  14. Hassquatch

    The Fall of the USA

    Uhh, the majority of votes were for Jo, not Joe. Anyone who thinks otherwise or votes for either of these two old men is a sexist prick with some serious gynophobia. 🏋️‍♀️ Go Jo Go jo Go Jo Go Jo Go Jo Go Jo Go Jo Go Jo!!!
  15. Hassquatch


    It’s a shame there wasn’t a live crowd for the samoan beat down on bryan. Could have been crazy. They did a great job though w no crowd esp w some of those bump spots
  16. Hassquatch

    Dana White open to booking Israel Adesanya vs. Jon Jones under the right circumstances

    Sure stylebender can out strike him and possibly ko jones. But jones is so much larger and stronger I think he’d ragdoll Issy if he got a hold of him. Jones should be mobile enough to get a grip on him. Although of course, I’d like to see Issy embarrass him and lump him up.
  17. Hassquatch

    20 New Sexual Assault Counts for Adult Film Actor Ron Jeremy

    What is digital penetration? 1602813349 Ah, finger banging. Heh
  18. Hassquatch

    QAnon Revealed

    Diversion on top of diversion on top of diversion.....
  19. Hassquatch

    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    I can’t find the Onlyfans link
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