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  1. Hassquatch

    American Style Darts Anyone play this style of Darts?
  2. Hassquatch

    MMA fighters then and now - Beaten Ugly!

    What MMA fighters have gotten beaten ugly over the course of their career? Post then and now pics of who you think got their mugs shattered over their fight career.
  3. Hassquatch

    Britt McHenry Appreciation Thread (NSFW)

    Mm Mmmm!
  4. Hassquatch

    End of another year

    This is a great place to speak one's mind, vent, argue, and have fun. I will never understand putting someone I don't know as a representative of me of whom I've never met. I will always fight for those I know and have contact with over someone I have no personal knowledge of. Loyal to those...
  5. Hassquatch

    Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer's wife attacked Scott Baio How dumb are liberals acting? This fucking dumb^
  6. Hassquatch

    Have a good weekend thread

    Have a good weekend you sumbitches.
  7. Hassquatch

    Where is Sobchak?

  8. Hassquatch

    Is Germany telling citizens to prepare for hard times?
  9. Hassquatch

    Oberlin professor who was critical of Israel put on leave Swap Israel and it's leaders/countrymen with Russia & Putin and this is okay. Fucking...
  10. Hassquatch

    House Democrat sit in to push for gun control A lot of times when children don't get their way, they'll sit down in the middle of the mall, toy store, etc. I bet we'll see a temper tantrum from these people next!
  11. Hassquatch

    Transgender Debate, a diversion from what?

    Transgender bathroom use debate has taken over CNN today. I've haven't seen one transgender person talking about it being an issue one way or another. Yet everyone else is talking about it who have no personal experience in being transgender or having been affected by a transgender person...
  12. Hassquatch

    Knife found on OJ's former estate Could this be the one?
  13. Hassquatch

    Media personalities that are detrimental to the impressionable

    For mind-shitting media personalities you'd personally like to kick off of the Earth: Can't stand these TV personalities! Who makes your eyes roll or stomach turn?
  14. Hassquatch

    Supplements you're taking?

    Curious as to any supplements (type & brand) anyone's taking. Starting back up at the gym after a back sprain, women, and holidays got in the way of my normal routine the past month or two. Gotta get rid of some gluttonous junk and build back some strength... I'm going with these for a bit...
  15. Hassquatch

    Robots delivering groceries If people don't boycott this bullshit then they really are dumber than ever.
  16. Hassquatch

    Lynch mob of uneducated students Wow, anyone with even a shred of common sense and intelligence of any race, especially those spoken of in "demands" like these should be embarrassed for and frustrated with those shouting the...
  17. Hassquatch

    IRS propose to charities collecting donor's SS# Big brother is a motherfucker.
  18. Hassquatch

    Guns n Roses Reunion?

    Rumors and speculation have been crazy the past few months. From the Appetite line up reuniting to a hybrid line up with Axl, Slash, Duff, Fortus, Dizzy, and Ferrer. Any fans? Any thoughts?
  19. Hassquatch

    Cable/Internet Monopoly

    Why is Comcast, DirecTV, Verizon not considered monopolies? My only two choices in my area are Comcast or DirecTV for cable and for internet it's only Comcast or Verizon. Okay, for the internet, there may be a few other low quality providers. Comcast regularly raises rates for the same...
  20. Hassquatch

    American Horror Story

    Didn't find any other threads on this. Who's watching/watched the past few seasons? Gaga is playing a great rarely clothed character this year.
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