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  1. jesusatemyhotdog

    Mod the bans!

    Don't be sheeple, cucks.
  2. jesusatemyhotdog

    Why can't I ban myself?

    Is it because the election was stolen? Is it because the government is making me wear a mask to spread George Soros' disease of Jewness? Is it because fluoride sends my brain signals to Jeff Bezos? Communists Plandemic Deep state Rothschilds Illuminati Fake media
  3. jesusatemyhotdog

    Alex Trebek is dead. Fuck 2020.

    I loved Trebek. Jeopardy is one of my favourite things in life.
  4. jesusatemyhotdog

    Some Good News for 2020

    For me at least. My wife just gave me the best gift ever:
  5. jesusatemyhotdog

    Any Graphic Designers on the board (Professional or hobbyist)?

    Hey guys, my wife and I need some relatively simple graphic design for some T-shirts. We got a graphic designer to do some work but it was piss poor. I tried myself using GIMP but I am not good enough. If anybody could do some pro bono work for me, please PM me.
  6. jesusatemyhotdog

    Anybody with an academic background in philosophy? Or epistemology in general?

    Hello all. I know that there are many people onboard with some impressive academic and professional backgrounds. I have been working on something regarding the cycles of epistemic construction and consensus; specifically in a sociopolitical context. If anybody has any type of in depth...
  7. jesusatemyhotdog

    Carl Reiner Dead at 98

    I will always love Carl Reiner for his work with Mel Brooks and The Jerk. 1593533019 His last tweet:
  8. jesusatemyhotdog

    The Fall of the USA

    Some of you know what I do for a living, some of you don't but I am a professional political economist and analyst. From that point of view, the US is heading towards complete collapse. Here are two decent articles...
  9. jesusatemyhotdog

    The Rock playing Mark Kerr in New Biopic

    My source is Coy. Rocky is also producing
  10. jesusatemyhotdog

    Is it time for thedonturtle to be banned?

    What say you?
  11. jesusatemyhotdog

    John Candy Tribute

    Very nice tribute from one funny Canadian to another. My favourite John Candy movie is The Great Outdoors, and I will always love Johnny LaRue from SCTV.
  12. jesusatemyhotdog

    Comedy Legend Bob Einstein is dead

    One of the funniest guys to ever live. Super Dave and Marty Funkhauser are two of the best characters ever filmed. Bob Einstein, the U.S. writer, actor and producer best known for his role as "Super Dave Osborne,"...
  13. jesusatemyhotdog

    Major. League. Baseball.

    I've decided to get back into MLB this year. Baseball used to be my favourite sport to follow when I was a kid and teenager. I was always a Jays and Expos fan, obviously. I am excited about the Jays future, although I believe this season will be a wash, unless they can put up some runs and have...
  14. jesusatemyhotdog

    The record or album that changed your life.

    I'm stealing this topic from elsewhere. I had 2 major life changing moments as far as my musical tastes. The first was when I was about 10. I had been exposed to the best that radio had to offer in the 80s, which at that time was filled with rock, pop and hair metal, and my parents' rather...
  15. jesusatemyhotdog

    Adam West Dead at 88
  16. jesusatemyhotdog

    Intervention: Nebraska

    @Freakdog We're all here today because we love you and we can no longer stand by while your addiction consumes you. When you first started betting, it was fun and sporadic. But lately you cannot go into a thread without offering your av, sig or name in order to chase the rush. Look at...
  17. jesusatemyhotdog

    Legendary Comedian Don Rickles Dead at 90

    I love Don Rickles. A true legend.
  18. jesusatemyhotdog

    Lawler vs Cerrone UFC 213

    Done deal. Discuss...
  19. jesusatemyhotdog

    The Russia Trump fiasco

    All things Russiagate in here. Starting with this: I've been following Russian activities since my time in the military, my participation in a security affairs think tank, academically and personally. This isn't going away.
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