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  1. disposableassassin

    Ban breathing

    It would solve everything.
  2. disposableassassin

    Ban the mods

    Ban all mods. Mods take away our freedom. Memes are life.
  3. disposableassassin

    Wakanda forever

    Chadwick Boseman just died of colon cancer. 1598667974
  4. disposableassassin

    Little help here

    Man I'm struggling to find this old swedish film called son of the white mare. If any of you guys have a spot that has a cookie for it that would be awesome. Infinite likes to the gentlemen that can find it.
  5. disposableassassin

    I'm a Jon Jones fan

    But not the dick pill guy.
  6. disposableassassin

    Bob weaddababyitsaboy

    My fourth child was born last night gentleman. Say hello to Oliver Maxwell Wilson! Bob weaddababyitsaboy
  7. disposableassassin

    Fedor vs. Carwin?

    Not sure if this was posted anywhere but I'd watch if true.
  8. disposableassassin

    The pro's and con's of an all digital future.

    So, I'm a collector. I have around 1,000 blu rays, and countless dvds. My girlfriend is tired of them and wants me to go fully digital. Needless to say I have no desire to do so. Here's where you guys come in. I need well informed opinions on the pro's and con's of making the switch. I need...
  9. disposableassassin

    Daniel Cormier- all about that cake

    - - - - - added to post - - - - - I probably shouldn't have put this in the general MMA section....
  10. disposableassassin

    The delirious Conrad Mcgillicutty

    Ricardo m'fn Lamas hahaha
  11. disposableassassin

    disposableassassin's merry christmas thread

    I'm sure there is already a Christmas thread, but fuck it here's another one. I hope you fools have a merry Christmas/Hanukah/whatever.
  12. disposableassassin

    Happy Halloween

    If you are dressing up post pictures of your costumes here. I dress up all the time. Halloween is my christmas. I'll post pics of my giant costume a little later.
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