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  1. Ramma

    Street Fighter V

    It is confirmed...that is all...
  2. Ramma

    PSN finally being restored

    Finally, the PSN is slowly coming back. You guys have to do a firmware update, and you need to change your Password too. Apparently, it's being restored pretty much state by state in the US. Not sure about outside the US. PlayStation Network Restoration Begins, Plus Mandatory Firmware Update |...
  3. Ramma

    Castle Crashers on the PSN August 31st

    Source: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Anyone besides me DLing this baby the moment it comes out?
  4. Ramma

    Buying a specific PS3 (Metal Gear Bundle), I need help

    Alright. I am going to buy a PS3 and I am looking to get the Metal Gear Solid 4 80GB PS3 bundle that is backwards compatible (plays PS and PS2 games). Do I have to find this from a seller online? Or can I still find this pack in stores and such? Help me out fellas. I really need it.
  5. Ramma

    Happy Birthday Gurry

    Happy Birthday Buddy
  6. Ramma

    Fedor and Mousasi to compete in ADCC

    Source - Article Not sure if this should be in General MMA or grappling, but I put it here because I am sure a ton of people who wouldn't check that section out would want to know about this. I doubt Fedor will win the whole thing, but I am still looking forward to it.
  7. Ramma

    Happy Birthday Clint (NSFW)

    Happy Birthday Mi Amigo :dance: Drink up and eat cookies :vodka: :cookie: :vodka: :cookie:
  8. Ramma

    Finklestein responds to Dana White

    Fedor's Manager Vadim Finklestein Addresses Dana White - Well... Finklestein 1, Dana 0... I agree with Finklestein from top to bottom in terms of Fedor's signing with the UFC. He really has no reason to...
  9. Ramma

    K.J. Noons Interview

    Source - - Exclusive Interview with K.J. Noons
  10. Ramma

    St. Pierre earns his BJJ Black Belt

    Source -
  11. Ramma

    Petruzelli addresses halloween costume photos

    Full Article Here (nothing new):
  12. Ramma

    Liddell not fighting until Spring

    Source - Interesting. Chuck is taking quite a long break.
  13. Ramma

    Gina Carano on "The Late, Late Show" Tonight (9/29)

    Source - Mmmmmmm.... Carano.....
  14. Ramma

    Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva at UFC 93

    Thiago Silva vs Lyoto Machida rescheduled for UFC 93 at UFC blog for UFC news, results, videos, rumors, fights, pics and tickets — I am extremely happy this fight has been put back together. I was looking forward to it very much. It just sucks that Machida is having such a long...
  15. Ramma

    Rumor: Arlovski vs. Nelson for EliteXC: Heat (Oct. 4th)

    Arlovski-Nelson Tapped for CBS Glad to see that Arlovski is going to keep himself in shape until he fights Barnett. Really cool that Arlovski will be on CBS as well. This is a pretty good thing for EXC if it goes through. They got a legit Top Ten fighter on their 3rd CBS show. Can't go...
  16. Ramma

    News On CroCop....*Spoiler*

    Source - CroCop Wanted to Continue; DREAM to Korea? I think they just need to schedule a rematch for November and have it done with.
  17. Ramma

    K-1 World GP Final 16 Bouts Announced

    Source - Glad we are going to see someone else in the finals. I expect LeBanner, Saki, Schilt, Bonjasky, and Badr to advance for sure. As much as I want to see Sefo get something going again, I am interested to see if Gokhan and Badr will get paired...
  18. Ramma

    Petition: Evan Tanner into the HOF Just thought you guys would want to sign this...
  19. Ramma

    Time for a Haircut...

    So... I have had many hairstyles and I have decided on a non-eccentric, not-so-wild mohawk. Needless to say, I haven't decided what exactly I want yet. Do I go Chuck Liddell (probably not), do I go Jens Pulver? I just don't want something crazy like 3 separated spikes on my head with nothing in...
  20. Ramma

    Scorpion King 2 Doing Well

    MMANEWS.COM | Couture's Scorpian King 2 Doing Well In DVD Sales Not too shabby.
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