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    Ok sluts. This guy right here is getting married on Sunday. I've been with my lady friend for over 12 years. Not that I'm super active on here, but I've been chatting with you fantastic losers for over 10 years and I felt like sharing. Because sharing is caring, except with you @chrisc ...
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    Texas Republican Says Women Should 'Absolutely' Be Jailed For Having An Abortion

  3. SickNasty

    Rep. Rashida Tlaib describes personal threats at hearing on white supremacy (Lack of FBI Response)

    Source: Source: That's pretty crazy man.
  4. SickNasty

    GOP congressman, defending accused war criminal, says his unit 'killed probably hundreds of civilian

  5. SickNasty

    Alabama Newspaper Editor Calls for KKK Reformation

  6. SickNasty

    CBO Economic Outlook: 2019 - 2029

    Source: It goes into greater detail on the actual site, but the summary was interesting. I wonder how many of these have been accurate on their projections?
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    How Legal Pot Changed Colorado - Article

    Source: Colorado Division of Criminal Justice Report link:
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    I'm a dummy when it comes to cars...

    But I fixed my turn signal and the windshield washer pump all by my muthafuckin self! Don't care how gay this is. I'm like a kid who just learned how to tie his shoes! I can conquer the fucking world! All during my lunchtime too!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Current Champions Decision Rate

    So, thought it would be interesting to see the percentage of fights that end with a decision for the current UFC champs. I'm not great at statistics, so be forewarned. Thug Rose - 36% decision rate. 2 wins 2 losses, 1 split loss Demetrious Johnson - 47% decision rate. 11 wins 2 losses 1 draw, 1...
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    Another School Shooting: Santa Fe TX

  11. SickNasty

    Conor McG Smashed Bus Window Injuries Reported
  12. SickNasty

    FL Public School Teacher W/ White Nationalist Podcast

  13. SickNasty

    Idiot Fakes Nazi Haircut Inspired Attack
  14. SickNasty

    Congressman, Aides Shot at Baseball Practice
  15. SickNasty

    Professional hunter who went missing on safari 'eaten by crocodiles' after remains are found In Zimbabwe, crocs hunt you!
  16. SickNasty

    Oklahoma Republican Says God Can Use Rape And Incest To ‘Bring Beauty From Ashes’

  17. SickNasty

    Wanna See Videos of Nuclear Tests? Sure Ya Do! We'll I'm an idiot who cant post youtube vids in forums. My bad fellas (and any ladies that attend this wonderful forum).
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    The woman behind the story behind the Trump Twitter storm

  19. SickNasty

    AP FACT CHECK: US military not as threadbare as Trump says

  20. SickNasty

    Officials: Still No Actionable Intel From Yemen SEAL Raid

    Source: The title should have the word "Yet" at the end, but an interesting article I though would catch some eyes.
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