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  1. Ramma

    Quick question...How GOOD is Kevin Holland, REALLY?

    I kinda just want to down vote whatever he posts. Does that make me a bad person? Have I become internet petty? Sorry, I don't dig on people who just drop posts like that. Go on reddit for that type of posting.
  2. Ramma

    Happy Birthday, Ramma

    Thanks bitches. Love you too.
  3. Ramma

    Ban the mods

    I was a mod, once. Back in 2007 until 2009...on MMANews.... That was 11-13 years ago. Where did the time go?
  4. Ramma

    Election 2020

    I can breathe. That is all.
  5. Ramma

    The TRT Era

    Did someone say The Trigg Resistance?
  6. Ramma

    UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Saves The Day… Again

    Ah yes, of course....nothing says legitimate like "I'm going to sneak up on this guy with my slow moving loud garage door" approach. I am not one to throw out the word staged.....but staged. Go back to your hole Jones.
  7. Ramma

    Election 2020

    Oh, on a side note. The election is basically coming down to Nevada. If Trump loses because of Nevada, I hope it crushes the soul of Dana White...if he has one left.
  8. Ramma

    Election 2020

    Republicans are petty with everything. That's how they are. I'm not a democrat, but I sure as hell am not a republican. They are simply toxic.
  9. Ramma

    Election 2020

    Cross your fingers that this 4 year nightmare is over. Regardless of what happens tonight...I hope peace begins.
  10. Ramma

    Election 2020

    I have to imagine at this point if you are still voting for Trump... ...well....
  11. Ramma

    Mcgregor vs. Poirier II

    Aw, Ferg sounding like the girl who got stood up for another girl.
  12. Ramma

    Wakanda forever

    Absolutely heartbreaking.
  13. Ramma

    F*cking Jon Jones [Update: Retires...Kind Of]

    First Lightweight Champion to win 6 times in a row while getting bopped for illegal substances 3 times*
  14. Ramma

    F*cking Jon Jones [Update: Retires...Kind Of]

    Any college would be lucky to have a guy this dumb.
  15. Ramma

    Dana White unsure how to usher former champ Anderson Silva into retirement

    I hate to say it but I think Anderson wants those last 2 pay days and that's really it. What White said about the paycheck is what really is keeping Anderson from getting a fight. Dana doesn't want to pay Anderson a ton of money to either squash some lesser fighter or get a quick 2 minute tko...
  16. Ramma

    UFC 249 pay-per-view headed to Florida on May 9

    Ron DeSantis is a fucking moron. That is all.
  17. Ramma

    F*cking Jon Jones [Update: Retires...Kind Of]

    Busted for roids twice. Nope.
  18. Ramma

    New features/addons/themes discussion for forum

    Never heard of you.
  19. Ramma

    New features/addons/themes discussion for forum

    My vagina is all stocked up on rep. It's second to none. FOH. Where's my rep? I was #1 on this board before the switch. I want answers.
  20. Ramma

    New features/addons/themes discussion for forum

    Bruh. Where's my rep?
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