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  1. scottsec

    PPV prices

    Sitting in dialysis so I can't put a link up......just read at mma playground that the UFC is raising their ppv prices.....LAME
  2. scottsec


    As some of you know I've been doing dialysis since November...things have been going very smoothly until about 2 months ago...shortened version...due to poor circulation in my right foot I had one of my toes amputated went well and was actually pain free....HOWEVER now that I'm home...
  3. scottsec

    Mir vs Overeem

    Mir just got his TRT exemption....Lol
  4. scottsec

    mir vs barnett.

    I just saw that these two are fighting at the end of the month.........sweet matchup imo
  5. scottsec

    bad blood........chuck and tito

    Anyone see this show? Saw it on fuel the other night. Really cool. Toto is hilarious
  6. scottsec


    Just happened to rewatch this.....when is this madness going to end?? I picked Guida so i was glad be got the w for that reason but cmon maaan.....FIGHT!!!!! IDK personally i think its embarssing and he should be fucking just sayin...
  7. scottsec

    Vitor vs Bisping

    Another blockbuster bout has been scheduled for UFC 156 according to UFC officials, this one between top middleweight contenders Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort. The event is set for Jan. 19 in an, as of yet, undetermined Brazilian city. Cities currently being considered to play host...
  8. scottsec

    Rumor....Bonnar vs Griffin

    Tuesday was a hot day for breng UFC news as we learned that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will face Chael Sonnen in April following their coaching stints on The Ultimate Fighter, according to Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times. While that news is great, it left a hole at the...
  9. scottsec

    Silva about GSP

    "I think it'd be a great challenge for me," Silva said. "I prefer him over Jon Jones. He's smaller. It'll be a little bit easier. I'll be hit less." WTF?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? IDK about the rest of yall but thats some lame sounding shit right...
  10. scottsec

    Silva/GSP after Bonnar??

    Anderson Silva says a last-minute cut to 185 pounds to defend his title at UFC 153 was not an option. Editor's note: Anderson Silva's story is published on courtesy of the UFC. I'm happy to be two days away from fighting Stephan Bonnar here in Rio in the main event of UFC 153. I...
  11. scottsec

    Tyson would have chosen MMA.....

    Tyson: I would have chosen UFC over boxing Mike Tyson was the youngest heavyweight world champion in history I think Mike wouldve been a monster.... Mike Tyson has revealed he would have chosen MMA over boxing if there had been enough money in the sport when he first started out...
  12. scottsec

    Jones....still talking

    The day just wouldn't be complete without a little more leftover UFC 151 drama. Today, it's Jon Jones going off about Dan Henderson making fun of him for not accepting the fight with Chael Sonnen. Henderson's comments seem to have gotten under the UFC light heavyweight champion's skin and...
  13. scottsec

    Jones was going to pay fighters.....pfttttt...

    Jones, already a polarizing figure, turned down a short notice replacement bout against Chael Sonnen, presumably after being told by an angry UFC President Dana White that if he did so, the entire event would be cancelled just over one week before it was scheduled to occur. Still, Jones said...
  14. scottsec

    Sonnen has a letter from Jon Jones

    Sonnen has continued his campaign against Jones by taking to Facebook and posting the following: I am no longer permitted to speak ill of the former champion Jon Jones as we have come to an agreement. I will stop tearing him down verbally and in exchange he has relinquished his belt to me. I...
  15. scottsec

    Hurricane Isaac in da house!!!!

    lol.....bring it on!!!!!
  16. scottsec

    Wire taps in NOLA.......NOOOOOOOOPPPPEEEEE!!!

    Cops: No proof Saints eavesdropped NEW ORLEANS -- Louisiana State Police investigators have found no evidence that the Saints or general manager Mickey Loomis rigged Superdome wiring so opposing coaches' radio communications could be intercepted. "This has been an intensive...
  17. scottsec

    White Russians

    So i cant smoke because i wanna keep my the system is perfectly fine if i become an me another please....
  18. scottsec

    Honey Badger

    LSU's Tyrann Mathieu is dismissed from LSU.....what a fuckin moron...
  19. scottsec

    Snoop Lion???

    Snoop Dogg becomes Snoop Lion, announces reggae album and film Snoop Dogg has a new interest in Rastafarianism. (Heather Leiphart / Odessa American/Associated Press / July 31, 2012) July 31, 2012, 4:36 p.m. The Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg has several iconic traits -- a laid-back...
  20. scottsec

    Fantasy Football 2012???

    So we doin it again???
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