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    The NBA 2019-2020 Season Thread

    He played pretty crappy in the playoffs last year for the Raptors as well
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    UFC 249 pay-per-view headed to Florida on May 9

    It's kind of dumb they are forcing this card to go on in it's current form..... You have two great main event level fights on the original card but you want to sacrifice those in order just to run the event when it you wait a couple more months you can have the real thing
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    F*cking Jon Jones [Update: Retires...Kind Of]

    I wondered on that one myself so I looked it The charge for the gun in this case is more likely due to the fact he had it in his possession while under the influence of alcohol and not that he actually fired it. A. Negligent use of a deadly weapon consists of: (1) discharging a firearm into...
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    Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson cancelled

    In the article it say Khabib is in Russia I'm curious how they expect travel to happen prior to this... especially when he thinks all the fights on the card are going to happen
  5. Rise

    Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson cancelled

    or taking legit criticism
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    Whats next for Jones? White hints Santos; Jones mentions Walker; Rumble speaks; Izzy rents headspace

    Nothing like bragging about going to hard in your sparring and hurting people who are there to help you train....
  7. Rise

    Ben Askren announces retirement, cites hip replacement surgery as determining factor

    So he gets a pass for not being classy all those other times ?
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    Diego Sanchez responds to Demian Maia's post-UFC on ESPN+ 20 callout

    If Diego is going to keep fighting and the UFC continue to let him do so might as well be against guys like Maia where he's less likely to get concussed.
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    Bellator fighter Michael Page believes he makes less money because he’s black

    You don't know your UFC history very well... Severn v Shamrock where the local authorities decided just prior to the event that closed fist strikes were not allowed. The main event was pretty bad as a result and went to split decision. This was back when McCain was trying to get the UFC shut down
  10. Rise

    Walmart to stop selling ammunition for some guns

    There should be an option in the poll for regular audits/tests of gun owners
  11. Rise

    Marvel Cinematic Universe: PHASE 4

    Weird I'm sure they have mentioned MCU events in the Netflix shows a couple times..
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    The TOOL thread!

    They are still active Maynard rotates between releasing albums with them and Puscifer every couple years
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    The "What Game Are You Playing?" Thread

    Did they release the upgraded version ?
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    Stefan Struve returns from retirement, faces Ben Rothwell at UFC on ESPN 7

    Struve is one of those guys I'd rather see stay retired with some of the losses he's taken have to wonder about his long term health when it comes to CTE.
  15. Rise

    Dana White interested in partnering with Fertitta brothers in NFL ownership

    Wouldn't the upside be that he may become less involved in MMA as a result though ?
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    New TV Show Review Thread

    Where are you getting viewership numbers ? Netflix does not release those... Iron Fist 2 had to go up in critical acclaim seen as season 1 was so bad and no dispute season 3 was great on DD I don't think critical acclaim is a key indicator here. In terms of viewership this is what was said for...
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    New TV Show Review Thread

    Luke Cage was terrible barely finished season 1 and couldn't get through season 2... to each their own though Netflix wasn't being butthurt they were actually seeing steep declines in viewership from season 1 to season 2 across all the series. While they weren't releasing viewership numbers...
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    Fine with the way it ended but way to rushed in the last season they didn't develop the characters enough for the way they were going with it.
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