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  1. Clark Kent

    Question about stock market

    How is it legal for hedge funds to manipulate a stock. im trying to learn as much as I can about stocks an trading. what does it mean when a stock closes at a certain price an triggers options to be bought. This is what I’m having trouble understanding. I seen some new law passed forcing...
  2. Clark Kent


    Hey guys could someone help me out with this. I have little Bitcoin and some doggy coin. But I was looking into other crypto and noticed they are not sold on the stock market websites like Schwab or robinhood. So I was looking into buying Cardona/ada and how would I go about that. Isn’t there a...
  3. Clark Kent

    Job interview

    I keep this to my self because I didn’t want to jinx it. But I made it through the first part of the process. I move on to the second part this week. i applied for special agent with the secret service. I had to sign some stuff already based on my first interview and not allowed to talk about...
  4. Clark Kent

    Anyone watch Titans

    I just started and the shows really good so far. I’m 6 episodes in. The show is violent as fuck though. is the second season better?
  5. Clark Kent

    Future of Black Panther

    I know it’s really soon to talk about it, but it makes me happy to think disney will continue the franchise and keep his legacy alive. i really hope they do not recast, I believe that would be worst possible outcome besides casting a white dude lol. my three ideas 1. Shuri takes over. It...
  6. Clark Kent

    Justice League: The Snyder Cut

    the trailer gave me chills. i hope it’s great. It should answer a lot of questions from the first cut that didn’t make sense. I’m just excited that the movie is almost 4 hours long. Not a single scene Joss shot will be in this movie.
  7. Clark Kent

    The Batman

    looks amazing
  8. Clark Kent

    Question to those with a PhD

    I’m suppose to start classes Monday for my PhD. I had no intentions of going for one and the only reason I am is it’s being paid for. But I’m so fucking burnt out with college. I started my masters and completed it in a year, and that was coming right off my bachelors. Now would be going...
  9. Clark Kent

    Cannon Hinant

    Why has it taken a week for the media to start to talk about this. This boy was executed in the street in front of his sisters. I think the only reason big media is even mentioning him now is because social media has been coming after media for not picking up the story...
  10. Clark Kent

    Anyone familiar with boats?

    I am asking because when my father in law passed away he had a boat. My wife and her sister want to sell the boat and I know nothing about them. I just want to make sure they don’t get taken on any kind of deal they end up doing.
  11. Clark Kent

    Favorite Christmas Movies

    My all time favorite is Christmas Vacation. I really like Elf. Home Alone Christmas chronicles Die Hard not a fan but my wife makes us watch a Christmas story
  12. Clark Kent

    My workout log

    Last weeks log Monday was chest Normal bench press heavy 3x5, diff weight 3x5 diff weight 3x5 decline bench normal weight 3x5, 3x5 3x5 incline bench 3x5 3x5 butteryfly cable machine heavy 3x5 3x5 last set to failure. Tuesday biceps and triceps dumbbell hammer curls 3x10, 3x7, 3x5 preacher...
  13. Clark Kent

    Castle Rock (Spoilers)

    Anyone watching season 2. If someone can tell me if the coffins have to do with Jerusalems lot.
  14. Clark Kent


    ever since my daughter was born I stopped working out. It’s been 8 months. I built a really nice gym downstairs that has everything I need expect a leg press. But I’ve put on about 25lbs after losing over 100. I make every excuse in my head not to do it. I’m always saying tomorrow, I’ll do it...
  15. Clark Kent

    Crap movies that you enjoy

    what are some shit movie you enjoy to watch, and know that they are bad. Adventures of ford fairlane - Terrible movie but it makes me laugh at how bad it is. Steven segal movies until about exit wounds. Anything after that is not even remotely watchable. Green lantern - I don’t know what else...
  16. Clark Kent

    Drive by gone wrong Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Sorry my fingers slipped. Natural selection. Reminds me of the Harlem nights scene or the pulp fiction scene.
  17. Clark Kent

    The Boys (no comic spoilers)

    anyone check this out yet. Already finished the season, it is incredible. Eight episodes was not enough for this show. Anyone that doesn’t know it’s about a group of people that want people with super powers held accountable for their fuck ups.
  18. Clark Kent

    Any mechanics or car guys in here could use some help

    just bought this 2003 Mach 1 Mustang and it has this weird ass engine noise I’ve never heard before. I was told it was the timing chain but It doesn’t sound like it. But I’m brand new to modular 4v 4.6 engines. Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. Clark Kent

    Grad School

    how many of you went to grad school. I just got into university of Nebraska for criminology. It’s the number 1 ranked cj school, so I guess that’s something. I also got into Michigan and Michigan state but neither of those ass hats would let me start until next winter. Those schools and there...
  20. Clark Kent

    My daughter

    she was born on December 20th at 8:49pm. 8lbs 7oz 19 3/4 inches long. Her name is Aria Mae. Mommy and aria are both home and doing good. But I’m freaking out so bad. My anxiety has hit a new level. Anything I eat I have trouble keeping it down. Feels like a knife in my stomach keeps turning...
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