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  1. thumper

    "Bellator 258: Archuleta vs. Pettis" Live Discussion *Spoilers*

    i really thought he was on the way out when he got knocked down. Man AJ has always looked to me like his brain was too big for his head and around the middle of his face it was spreading apart Tell me I'm wrong?! But I'm sure he's just as clean as Jon Jones is!!!!
  2. thumper

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    I have asthma about as bad as anyone could have it. I was in the hospital every month for about 5 to 6 days in a fucking oxygen tent. I outgrew some of it but not all, then I'd get attacks that there was no way to predict and my parents had to rush me to the emergency room where they gave me...
  3. thumper

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    I'm sorry. I tried for about 2 minutes but got embarrassed FOR them and that training video. But hey, if diego is ever in a fight and has to hang upside down for a prolonged period of time and have someone lightly tap his muscles, he's going to own it
  4. thumper

    Floyd Mayweather announces February fight with YouTube star Logan Paul

    I honestly don't see how that dude is still alive (6ix9ine). Things must have really changed since my day. when he rolled over on Nine Trey, got probation for basically statutory rape THEN went to prison and lived? wow, things have really changed 1620364049 Clearly that was not real. you gonna...
  5. thumper

    2021 PFL Season Live Discussion *Spoilers*

    I still think Werdum was close to getting that triangle but he didn't have it right. i only saw it for a second because i wasn't really paying attention to the whole thing. In fact, the moment I saw the ref step in i closed the window, and other than the dandois fight the main event (about 2/3...
  6. thumper

    2021 PFL Season Live Discussion *Spoilers*

    ROFL at Cindy Dandois. so out of shape, and when she wants to clinch she literally points her face straight down, closes her eyes and runs forward and the strike speed (which is a really cool thing to see live) shows them punching at 6.5 MPH... smokers!
  7. thumper

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    I found the issue. he's got more than one URL:
  8. thumper

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    I clicked the link on his own website. it worked yesterday., Maybe he's got multiples? Click the link here that lists his website: and he's beautiful! This one is so edited you can't even make out where his tits and arm fit. lol and read it. he may have...
  9. thumper

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    Great time to see ole mentor not paying $12.00 to renew his wicked school domain
  10. thumper

    "UFC on ESPN 23: Reyes vs. Procházka" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    Anyone wonder why the UFC wants nothing to do with this moron? Video: Diego Sanchez fears UFC will kill him for speaking out against promotion Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images Former UFC welterweight and The Ultimate Fighter 1 winner Diego Sanchez fears his promoter of 16 years...
  11. thumper

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    All of this shit is so clear. A man that has been a .500 fighter for the last 12 years and this guru shit he's got now is because I would bet money that the jasckson team didn't want him to take that last fight. I mean shit I don't know, of course it's a guess, but I could easily see them...
  12. thumper

    Octagon size

    Same here. I have wanted to see some numbers on this. I thought there were a lot more fights on the small one to be honest. To me though it depends on the division that's there. MW, LHW and HW should probably be on the biggest mat possible. It blows my mind how many guys are 6'6" or taller...
  13. thumper

    Tito Ortiz "appreciation" thread

  14. thumper

    George St-Pierre appreciation thread

    So I think it's pretty clear now. while GSP was my fav fighter for many years, and at the time I think he was probably the best all around, i think that has been surpassed many times over now, and some of it was because of him. he was the first guy I remember that was so good in so many aspects...
  15. thumper

    Gilbert Burns vs. Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson has been verbally agreed to for UFC 264 on July 10, per Dana WhiteGilbert Burns vs. Stephen 'Wonderboy'

    Wow, I have never even considered this. I wonder if I went back and saw whoever I backed if I would be the same way. I honestly don't think so because it doesn't even enter my mind when i like someone. But think about it guys. Some people seem really white and they aren't. like Tito. he looks...
  16. thumper

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    I rewatched it a few years back because i remember really liking diego. But watching it back I realized I thought he was acting that shit and wasn't serious.
  17. thumper

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    the last guy I want to see fight again is cerone. he's not really going to fight this week is he? 1620102353 I get it though. he was told he must let the UFC doctors examine him last time, when he came in with reports from his own docs that said he was 100% clear. That's why this is all going...
  18. thumper

    Report: Ben Askren to box Jake Paul on March 28, 2021

    just a guess, but these people are looking for the people HOSTING those streams, not the people who just clicked the links they found. the money is in finding the people who actually put the streams up and sold them, made click profit or maybe used them to sell advertising on those pages, you...
  19. thumper

    Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor official for July 10th (UFC 264)

    I know I'm in the extreme minority here but I can't stand O'Malley
  20. thumper

    "UFC on ESPN 23: Reyes vs. Procházka" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    no shit, that's one ugly fucking mess. and he's not bald, it's literally on purpose he looks like that. yikes. It also looks like he's going to keep this because you could see way back when was fighting in Rizin when he started that and now it's wayyyyy longer.. 1620070159 it's funny, I decided...
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