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  1. Anchorpunch

    There's a Terrible Event Tomorrow...

    ... complete with bizarre media that recolors the eyes of both main event fights as red. Since the site countdown doesn't include this one, I thought I'd see who is watching it. Anyone down for some stupid violence? Like, if you haven't watched the Polish guy before, it's really stupid...
  2. Anchorpunch

    What Are You Watching Tonight?

    Are you watching UFC or "boxing" tonight? I'm coming off a very stressful 48 hours and would love to join some folks here in watching violence. Which violence are we watching? The real kind or the silly kind? @miz??
  3. Anchorpunch

    Reactions: Political Faces

    ROUND !: TED CRUZ I like that he goes from "I'm sorry I shit the bed" to "Unless you're into that..."
  4. Anchorpunch

    BKFC, Booze, Weed, and MMASpot Conversation

    Which of you assholes is watching this with me tonight?
  5. Anchorpunch

    UFC Fight Night Thompson VS Neal Pre-Fight Discussion and Gay Sex

    I've got the tingles for this card. Thompson takes a massive risk while the UFC hopes he's on the decline against Neal. Aldo takes his first non-marquee fight of this era. There's a guy who does spinny stuff. Moreas has his first matchmaking fall from grace. And, brace yourself, there's a...
  6. Anchorpunch

    Hungary passes anti-LGBTQ law effectively barring same-sex couples from adopting

    From this full article: This is scary. Rhetoric is not good and new bad acts are also a problem. But, imo, rolling back existing legislation to codify a group-specific value... Oh boy, that's a very big step.
  7. Anchorpunch

    The Rigged Election

    I don't want to clutter the Election 2020 thread with conspiracies but I find these stories fascinating and wanted a place to discuss them. The most recent claim that I know of...
  8. Anchorpunch

    Miz getting banned

    Yeh, the obvious joke is to troll Dim by making this thread. But fuck it. I'm a man of action who believes in freedom, Jeebus, and damnit I believe some people are better. I believe there are those who aren't ginger and there are those who don't belong on this forum. I believe in going full...
  9. Anchorpunch

    Florida Man Charged in Racist Threats Against Cory Booker and Rashida Tlaib

    Absolutely terrible to see someone directly target two congresspeople for their race and threaten them over it. Full article here: ... Just kidding. While the title of this thread is directly taken from the New York...
  10. Anchorpunch

    What's the Stupidest Epiphany You've Ever Had?

    I'm listening to a podcast right now where one of the hosts (who is very fat) told the story of how he only learned as an adult that not everyone's stomach is resting on their legs when they sit. It was funny and obviously something you know but overlook. Hence "stupid epiphany." Anyone...
  11. Anchorpunch

    Breaking: DW Says "If You Would Like to Pay Us, You Must Pay Us First."

    I should note that I would not be surprised to find out this article isn't entirely reflective of tomorrow's reality. Seems like there will be pushback and perhaps confusion around existing content contracts. But I do love an inflammatory article. From MMAJunkie: I could be wrong, but it...
  12. Anchorpunch

    Vitor Belfort signs with ONE Championship

    From MMAJunkie:
  13. Anchorpunch

    UFC Scratches UFC 233 Card on Jan. 26

    From MMJunkie:
  14. Anchorpunch

    MMASpot Book Club

    Alright you dirty, illiterate heathens it's time for book club to start. Right now, we don't have any rules or guidelines other than read the book and want to talk about it. Since we all read at different paces, we'll figure out how to do this as we go. Book number one is Fire and Blood...
  15. Anchorpunch

    Ryan LaFlare Announces Retirement

    Good dude. One of my favorite LaFlare story is when he was fighting in Brazil and heard them chanting at him. He tells his coach "I think I've got them on my side" (or something like that), when he coach clarifies that they're chanting "You're going to die." He was still super nice about it.
  16. Anchorpunch

    Anyone Have a UFC Newsletter Code that They Don't Need?

    Sorry to bother, but does anyone subscribe to the UFC newsletter and doesn't need the presale code for UFC 230? I'm hoping to buy tickets and the prices are going up like crazy during presale so I want to get it but don't have a code. And signing up last minute doesn't seem to trigger them...
  17. Anchorpunch

    Yair Rodriguez out of UFC 228 bout vs. Zabit Magomedsharipov

    Damn, looks like Yair withdrew (full article on MMAJunkie): Given how they threatened to cut him already, I can't imagine this will be a fun week for Yair.
  18. Anchorpunch

    Injury knocks Glover Teixeira & Ketlen Vieira from UFC Fight Night 137

    From the article on MMAJunkie: I like this idea:
  19. Anchorpunch

    Mark Coleman says he was victim of Ohio State doctor

    From The Chicago Tribune: Damn. Is it fucked that I want to know the details?
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