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  1. nbm02ss

    CONFIRMED: Brock Lesnar fighting Mark Hunt @ UFC 200

    Well this would be crazy.
  2. nbm02ss

    Jose Aldo to face Frankie Edgar at UFC 200 for interim title, other key fights announced

    Source I like Aldo and Edgar, but I want to see Edgar v. McGregor more, especially if it were to happen at MSG.
  3. nbm02ss

    Dana White: Luke Rockhold vs. Chris Weidman 2 happening at UFC 199 in June

    I'm not really interested in the rematch this soon, and I'm a huge Weidman fan. But when the guy next in line pisses hot, what're you going to do? I guess if whoever wins in the Silva/Bisping bout doesn't sustain any significant injuries you could make that fight.
  4. nbm02ss

    Fabricio Werdum pulls out of UFC 196 with injury Bummer.
  5. nbm02ss

    Frank Miller's "The Hamburgler Returns"

    What. The. Fuck Does he patrol in a black windowless van with "Free Candy" spraypainted on the side?
  6. nbm02ss

    Penny Dreadful S02E01 available on Youtube

    It's from the official Penny Dreadful Youtube account, so it's legit. Enjoy while you can!
  7. nbm02ss

    BAMMA 17 streaming live in Youtube

    Just throwing it out there for everyone:
  8. nbm02ss

    Bigfoot Silva vs. Frank Mir slated for UFC 184

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