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    Wanderlei Silva Off UFC 116

    Source Son of a bitch! Who do you guys think will step up for the fight?
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    Rampage Jackson Miscarriage Lawsuit Dismissed

    Source Well good, I hope that positive news will give a little extra edge to Rampage as he KO's Rashad. Rampage by left hook KO Rd2.
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    UFC Undisputed 2010 Fignt Camps

    With the release of UFC Undisputed less than a month away, the fight camps should be forming soon. Is anyone here planning on joining the online fight camps (like I need to ask)? I would like to have a MMASpot Playstation 3 camp. I can set it up, and it would be a vast improvement to any...
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    Rogan rant on James Toney calling out Lesnar

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    Overeem vs Rogers on May 15th

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    Mmarmy updated

    I know MMARMY has been around for a few years now but I just restarted a camp the other day and they have made some great gameplay enhancements. The addition of choosing a styles for opponents at the challenge screen is awesome. For anyone who has not played before I encourage you to check...
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    How will Brock Lesnar fair in his return fight?

    So Brock Lesnar came out today and says he is 100% and will return to the octagon in the summer. How do you think his performance will be after a year layoff? Will "ring rust" cause him to lose the title? Personally, I feel that he will still be a monster as a grappler but his chin may still be...
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    Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura

    Has anyone else here seen Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura? I have seen several episodes and it is thought provoking if nothing else. You can see obvious instances that they are sensationalizing things, but other times it is believable. The recent episode regrading 2012 proved interesting as...
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    Lesnar will fight again

    War Lesnar, if/when he comes back Source
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    UFC Undisputed 2010 Trailer

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    Wanderlei Silva says recent facial surgery a necessity for "fresh beginning" at 185 p

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    Where will Mike Vick end up?

    Coming off the news of Vick's conditional reinstatement, I thought I'd see where everyone thought he would end up. I'm leaning towards several teams: Panthers: They are a running team with an aging QB. Redskins: They love to make a splash and with Jason Campbell in his last year it...
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    Lesnar apologizes for antics and drinks a Bud Light

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    Rampage Jackson Accused of Killing a Fetus

    Source I figured it was only a matter of time before Rampage had a civil case thrown at him. At least she's not going for blood in only asking for $25k.
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    Cyborg Santos chokes out unsuspecting reporter I was unable to embed the video but it is great. This donkey gets blindsided, and I guess he doesn't realize he should have tapped. Edit: sorry for the spelling error in the title. I was out...
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