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  1. strife

    Julianna Pena Amanda Nunes on tap for UFC 265

    Two moms punching each other in the face, one of which never carried child.
  2. strife

    Quick Question... How Good is Brandon Moreno, REALLY??????

    Made you look? Didn't I? No really, how good is Brandon Moreno? With Decision losses to virtual nobodies, and draws to fighters named after appetizers, just how good is this Assassin Baby's food? We'll see if he can get a win in his next one as he tries again on the 2-for-1 $5 dinner...
  3. strife

    Dana White f*cked Ronda Rousey

  4. strife

    Decade-Long Membership

    I don't know if it was ever mentioned, but this year marks a decade for the forum (not sure about the technicals here) and many core and active users. Thought it was cool after going through the new members thread and saw a few posters mentioning how they were different people. A lot has...
  5. strife

    The Wholesome Thread.

  6. strife

    Ngannou-Lewis signed for UFC 226.

    Lewis feels Ngannou's power and then wrestle beasts him.
  7. strife

    Honey Badger don't care

  8. strife

    SandyWH, you motherf*cker, you.

    You called Woodley from the beginning of his career, and I am making a post here for the first time in a decade to make sure people still know. Great scouting, respect and love.
  9. strife

    Fantasy Football 2011 Discussion Thread

    Since our draft just ended it's only appropriate that this thread gets started. Good luck to everyone this season!
  10. strife

    MMASpot Fantasy Football League?

    I can set up a league on Yahoo if people really want to do one here? I prefer Yahoo over CBS, NFL, or the other Fantasy leagues. PM me your e-mail if you're interested. If there's enough interest I'll set it up. Not sure if we'd be able to live draft this year since it's so last minute though.
  11. strife

    Murilo 'Ninja' Rua Retires

    Unexpected? Maybe...but he has taken some beatings.
  12. strife

    Watch this with no sound.

    I love BJJ like anyone that visits the grappling forum and I've been shopping around for a new rash guard when I stumbled upon this promo video for a Jaco rash guard. Anyways, watch it without is hilariously gay. <iframe src="" width="400" height="225"...
  13. strife

    Harddrive failure

    My harddrive is definitely gone, the computer won't boot and it is doing the obligatory "clicking" noise right when you turn it on, although it doesn't repeat and only does it a single time. I have had an issue with my desktop for a while now where it would always take two restarts for it to...
  14. strife


    Any drummers on the board? Any of you legit or just dick around and have a kit, please post. Perhaps we could turn this thread into something helpful and informative for everyone.
  15. strife

    Happy Birthday AfroSamurai (NSFW)

    You sexy bitch, happy birthday! I'm sorry, but I had to. ---------- Post added at 06:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:27 PM ---------- ---------- Post added at 06:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:28 PM ---------- Why will the image not work in the spoiler box?! ----------...
  16. strife

    Michael Wayne Edwards Jr., the white knuckle bandit

    link: hilarious
  17. strife

    Symmetry and balance

    I've been reading up tad about muscle symmetry lately....this is something I really only have issues with in my abdominals. However, something that has always bother me since I got my cast off in '07 after having my humerus broken is that my right upper arm, particularly the area under the...
  18. strife

    Look what I found....

    Not sure why I made this, but I laughed at it when looking at my photobucket a few minutes ago. Thought I'd share. Anyone else have any MMASpot romoshops?
  19. strife

    UFC 114 made UFC history?

    I haven't tried to research this, and because of this it might be something fairly obvious....but--was UFC 114's main event the first main event with two black fighters in it? I can't remember a main event with two black fighters against each other before.
  20. strife

    Sundance and sobriety

    How's that going?
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