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  1. nbm02ss

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    Poor dude's brain is going to get carved out and studied for science, and then used in a documentary about MMA and brain trauma.
  2. nbm02ss

    "UFC 261: Usman vs. Masvidal 2" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    Conor wants to have his head turned to mush by calling out Usman, and I'm all for it.
  3. nbm02ss

    "UFC 261: Usman vs. Masvidal 2" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    Just needed 1 back and forth. Opener was almost that until that crippling leg kick.
  4. nbm02ss

    "UFC 261: Usman vs. Masvidal 2" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    The sad thing is folks will still probably call Usman boring. Dude coming for GSP's streak.
  5. nbm02ss

    The Fall of the USA

    Anti-Chinese in the streets; taking notes in the sheets.
  6. nbm02ss

    The Fall of the USA

  7. nbm02ss

    Rose Namajunas: I'm Fighting For Freedom

    Given the response by multiple law enforcement agencies to the protests here at home, the voter surpression reported during the election cycle, our support of Saudi led genocide in Yemen, ramping of detained people along the border with Mexico, and this little bit of information that I came...
  8. nbm02ss

    Rose Namajunas: I'm Fighting For Freedom

    I'm not saying that.
  9. nbm02ss

    Rose Namajunas: I'm Fighting For Freedom

    Given the USA's record in relation to it's own citizens, immigrants, and foreign policies in places like the Middle East and South America, I'm certainly not comfortable speculating what goes on in countries that are painted as enemies by the US government especially when the only window into...
  10. nbm02ss

    Falcon and Winter Soldier (*SPOILER*)

    I wasn't intending to watch this but then I saw something online about a US Agent angle and I'm kind of intrigued to start the series.
  11. nbm02ss

    Rose Namajunas: I'm Fighting For Freedom

    Isn't it amusing how the post WWII Red Scare propaganda still finds it's way into younger folks who are decades removed from McCarthyism and the Cold War?
  12. nbm02ss

    "UFC on ABC 2: Vettori vs. Holland" Live Discussion *Spoilers*

    Izzy probably touches Vettori's chin often and stops him; only chance I would think would be early takedowns but I don't think he gets there before Izzy snaps his head back.
  13. nbm02ss


    Gaetz is a dingbat. How can he be extorted for something he says didn't happen? Wouldn't someone need proof of him doing sleazy shit in order to then extort him?
  14. nbm02ss

    F*cking Jon Jones [Update: Retires...Kind Of]

    Jones gets shit for cheating, but I honestly think most fighters were on the gear at some point. These days maybe it's less, but they're scrambling their brains for my entertainment so honestly I'm cool some fighters still want to take the Pride approach to training/recovery.
  15. nbm02ss

    The Biden/Harris Administration Reports coming from the immigration crisis at the border aren't filling me with hope about the new administration.
  16. nbm02ss

    The "What Game Are You Playing?" Thread

    Sinking an absurd amount of hours into Loop Hero. Very fun and chill little game that's also super cheap.
  17. nbm02ss

    "UFC 259: Błachowicz vs. Adesanya" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    After that 4th it's hard to imagine Jones wouldn't have had his way with Izzy
  18. nbm02ss

    WandaVision (Episode Spoilers)

    It's interesting that we're getting comic book power levels in the MCU now, instead of the neutered versions. Wanda might be the most powerful, but I would like to see where the other chars end up. Could see some crazy shit from Dr. Strange, Odinforce Thor, etc. going forward. Not to mention...
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