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  1. Palma

    Ufc fight night zoom

    Click to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting. 1600563975 Just me and Nebraska, get in fools
  2. Palma

    MMA Spot Zoom

    We should do a Zoom together during a UFC event sometime
  3. Palma

    Flograppling Events

    Does anyone subscribe to FloGrappling and watch the live events? Last weekend there was a Fight2win with Keenan headlining and on Saturday was Bjj Stars with Leandro vs Hulk, Kaynan vs Joao, Calasans and Erberth had matches. This Friday is WNO with Tonnon vs Dante. Gordon and Craig Jones both...
  4. Palma

    Bjj dojos temporarily closing for Social Distancing

    We decided yesterday to close the Academy until we feel it's safer to train again. Possibly for months, who knows. It was a very tough decision, but it feels good to know we are doing our part.
  5. Palma

    2019 IBJJF World Championships

    I'm flying down tonight and will try to give updates without Flograppling. Black Belts go tomorrow. Semi Finals and Finals on Sunday
  6. Palma

    The hypocrisy of the 2nd amendment

    I'm sorry to judge people, but i am judging their ability to be objective more than their intelligence. I am an American and very proud of it. Part of it has to do with being the leaders of the free world. Living in a free country requires the ability to look at all inalienable rights as more...
  7. Palma

    Gideon Falls TV Series

    I've been reading this comic since it came out in March. It's gonna be a great TV show if they execute it as well as the comic.
  8. Palma

    My wife

    So, I hope you're all well these days. On tuesday my wife has Open Heart Surgery. They aren't actually operating on the heart, rather her aortic arch. She's actually healthy and expected to be just fine, but recovery is supposed to be a mother fucker. So, if I'm bitchy or irritable, it's...
  9. Palma


    I keep seeing commentary about our youngest generations, and about "where we went wrong" raising them. I don't get it. People bitching about how everyone gets a trophy or the "pussification" of America. The generations before us destroyed the basis for a healthy planet, healthy people, healthy...
  10. Palma


    I know it's not going to be "good", but I have a feeling, that's supposed to be part of the appeal. Kinda like Kungfurry, but to a much lesser degree.
  11. Palma

    Black Belt

    After 10 and a half years of solid training and competing, I was promoted to Black Belt today.
  12. Palma

    ADCC 2017

    Brackets are up. Already some great match ups in the first round.
  13. Palma

    The Deuce

    The show doesn't premier for another week, but the pilot is on On-demand and it is awesome. Another series created by George Pelecanos and David Simon.
  14. Palma

    Swimming pools!

    Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!!! Are any of you homos a pool guy by chance?
  15. Palma

    Bjj World Championships

    2017 ibjjf worlds happening now. Black belts today and tomorrow. I don't have flograppling but i read that Buchecha beat Erberth Santos in an Open weight round.
  16. Palma

    rompers for men

  17. Palma

    LEGION (No Comic Book Spoilers)

    I thought it was awesome . FX is really putting out some great shit these days.
  18. Palma

    Young Han Solo Movie

    May 2018
  19. Palma

    Coach Edmond Tarverdyan parody twitter account

    Does anyone else follow this? It's so funny when real fighters thinks it's really him. And this
  20. Palma

    Brown belt

    I got mine today.
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