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  1. strife

    "Bellator 258: Archuleta vs. Pettis" Live Discussion *Spoilers*

    This dude Rumble is fighting on short notice seems like trouble
  2. strife

    2021 PFL Season Live Discussion *Spoilers*

    Werdum getting brazilian tapped and then tko'd is wild
  3. strife

    2021 PFL Season Live Discussion *Spoilers*

    Yo did I see that pre-fight correct? Pacheco benching 315+, what in cyborg's name is that
  4. strife

    2021 NFL Football Season

    Imagine thinking there's no drop off from Aaron Rodgers to Nick Foles. The cryo-frozen corpse of Aaron Rodgers out-plays Foles. Can Foles even play a full season lol, looking it up, actually not once LOL.
  5. strife

    Nate Diaz vs. Leon Edwards booked for UFC 262 in five-round non-title fight co-main event

    I was JUST about to blindly ask "wonder how Nate pulls out of this one" and shit, wonder if we ever see it at all, much less when it's rescheduled.
  6. strife

    The Trans Discussion

    My step brother's son is growing (not sure his exact age, definitely grade school+) and has always identified as female, or at least binary of some kind (maybe I'm wrong I'm not fully trained on this stuff). It's complicated due to his decisions to not be a father and game and drink alcohol and...
  7. strife

    "UFC on ESPN 23: Reyes vs. Procházka" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    lots of close matchups if you like up and comers
  8. strife

    2021 NFL Football Season

    Brees didn't have Michael Thomas all season and was injured, the Saints offense isn't even built around the long ball anyways, dude still has it IMO. Think we've also seen time and again trying to build around a RB falls short, guys that come to mind are AP, Jamaal Charles, LT, Barry Sanders...
  9. strife

    Jiří "Baby Boy" Procházka Appreciation Thread

    Modern Czech Wand
  10. strife

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    And Rhonda Rousey is unfortunately out of the business and taken. Conor is already too successful, Ido Portal hit it at the right time
  11. strife

    Gilbert Burns vs. Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson has been verbally agreed to for UFC 264 on July 10, per Dana WhiteGilbert Burns vs. Stephen 'Wonderboy'

    Burns seems to crack when he can't control the pace, love Wonderboy in this one
  12. strife

    George St-Pierre appreciation thread

    Unified rules didn't exist at that time so damage wasn't a scoring criteria. IIRC it was effective striking, grappling, aggression, and octagon control (in that order). The way it felt to me when the fight happened was that GSP technically wins rd1 meeting more of the criteria over the...
  13. strife

    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez Released?

    Diego though has always been like this, he was sitting outside during an electrical storm on TUF in the pouring rain legitimately talking about how he was absorbing the power of lightning, however scripted that might have been, and that's just the one thing I remember of a long list of weird...
  14. strife

    Report: Ben Askren to box Jake Paul on March 28, 2021

    They found the streamer guys, they got em!
  15. strife

    Vent and Post Your Random Rant Here

    Watching sentience being achieved in real-time.
  16. strife

    F*cking Jon Jones [Update: Retires...Kind Of]

    Remembering when Jon was caught for cocaine, it wasn't a party foul like they tried to pass off, he was using it to improve his in-ring performance. After the event this weekend there are a couple fighters on that card who seem like they take bumps before fights to turn them into super...
  17. strife

    "UFC on ESPN 23: Reyes vs. Procházka" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    Feel like too many fighters forget they can grapple. King Mo showed the gameplan to beat that guy last night, even KO'd him with the same style of rebounding counter-strike Reyes specializes at. Takes him down with ease because Jiri overextends, successfully takes him down and GnP's then...
  18. strife

    "UFC on ESPN 23: Reyes vs. Procházka" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    it seems weird doesnt it, dom starches everyone and this guy throws straight from the hip and eats it all fight and doesn't give a fuck, doesn't show damage except for a couple times. whatever drugs he's on are good shit, borderline dirty what happened to reyes tonight
  19. strife

    "UFC on ESPN 23: Reyes vs. Procházka" [POST FIGHT] Discussion *Spoilers*

    jiri just eats 1,000 reyes bombs and is the more roided fighter, call me unimpressed
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