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  1. Ninjastix

    The 2020 Despair Thread

    We had an Earthquake this weekend in NC and Virginia. I get the feeling the Earth has had enough of our shit.
  2. Ninjastix

    Explosion in Beirut

    Fucking A.
  3. Ninjastix

    Ron Jeremy Charged with Rape
  4. Ninjastix

    Rest in Peace Bilbo Baggins
  5. Ninjastix

    Gaming Laptop for Sale

    I may consider replacing my current MSI gaming laptop that's a couple years old with a new one. If I do so I won't have a use for this one. If anyone's interested I'd be willing sell this one currently, we'd have to figure out the shipping and transaction and so forth, but I'm sure that's not...
  6. Ninjastix

    US Mislead Public on Afghanistan

    Source = TLDR of it is - we had every strategy for the war therefore we had no strategy. We've essentially wasted lives, time, and money on an unwinnable, unsustainable war...
  7. Ninjastix

    The Question of Altruism

    I'm fascinated by the subject and by George R. Price. If you're not familiar with the topic then here's an excellent introduction: I feel like the question of Altruism is really the lynchpin of "why" to just about...
  8. Ninjastix

    Hurricane Season 2019

    Looks like Dorian is gonna rake the coast up through the Carolinas. Start your prep now bitches.
  9. Ninjastix

    The Dark Souls of Political Analogies

    Brilliant thesis.
  10. Ninjastix

    New Shoes

    I didn't see a proper thread for the discussion or review of shoes. I'm not a sneaker head by any stretch but I need a quality shoe in order to be active. It goes along way in promoting re-engagement of activity when your feet, shins, ankles, and knees can actually handle the stress of...
  11. Ninjastix

    Pernell Whitaker Killed in Accident

    Sorry to hear. Was one of my favorite boxers of all-time.
  12. Ninjastix

    The NBA 2019-2020 Season Thread

    Draft tonight. And on that subject I agree that the draft should go away.
  13. Ninjastix

    Jon Stewart Shames Congress

    Mad hespect.
  14. Ninjastix

    Mass Shooting: New Zealand

    Looks like two Mosques we're targeted by a gunman for what I would guess would be anti-muslim sentiments. We don't have any Kiwis on the board do we? I don't think I've read about a shooting in New Zealand ever. Apparently the gunman livestreamed the shooting so whatever you do, please do...
  15. Ninjastix

    A Cure for HIV?

    Rather promising:
  16. Ninjastix

    NC Election Fraud

    I'm not the biggest DeFranco fan but this is a great summary:
  17. Ninjastix

    The SCP Foundation

    Do y'all know about the SCP website? Basically it's not unlike a Creepy Pasta site in wiki form. It's centered around a fictional organization tasked with cataloging and containing various types of anomalies. Each submission is a codified into a report detailing the...
  18. Ninjastix

    RIP Stan Lee

  19. Ninjastix

    Hurricane Florence

    Looks like we Carolinians are gonna take a direct hit from a category 3 or 4 hurricane. Hope you folks are preparing, shit is gonna get ugly sometime Thursday.
  20. Ninjastix

    Technical Question: Access Database File Storage

    Hey folks, quick question: I need a solution whereby I can host an Access database at a distance to do some testing. I would rather not stand up my own file server, because I gotta find a machine, an ISO, and configure the fucking thing not to mention if the VM is hosted on the same machine...