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    The Afterlife

    unpopular opinion puffin coming: I believe the bible. I believe that Jesus is not a liar or lunatic, that He is who He says He is. The savior of the world. I didn't grow up believing this, I didn't hit rock bottom and 'need'....I just realized that I can't save myself. I don't know what...
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    6 years with you knuckleheads?? wow. We should start a 'where were you' when the forum went up! I think most of us are day 1'ers. - - - - - added to post - - - - - 6 years with you knuckleheads?? wow. We should start a 'where were you' when the forum went up! I think most of us are day...
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    Ultimate Spiderman is an Incredibly Underrated Show

    I agree, I've told a few friends about it as well and they are geeking out about it. Hilarious!
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    Phil Robertson Suspended From Duck Dynasty Over Anti-Gay Comments

    Palin? sarah palin? I hadn't heard it.
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    Phil Robertson Suspended From Duck Dynasty Over Anti-Gay Comments

    I know he didn't spew any negativity toward anyone who's gay..but this freakin guy. WHo is he to stick to what he believes!!! YOu can believe stuff, as long as it isn't against what people think is true and right and best. Tolerate everyone, except what we believe!!!
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    Chemotherapy is a waste of money

    dude...what did I say?? I said 'look it up for yourself!" I'm no doctor...I never claimed to be. I was just sharing what my research has brought me to. NOW GO AND DO YOUR OWN.
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    Chemotherapy is a waste of money

    False: There is a ton of evidence behind his therapy. Thousands of testimonies, and success. There will always be opposing views when it comes to radical against the grain treatments. I really dont wanna start arguing on here, just look up 'baking soda vs cancer', google testimonials from...
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    Chemotherapy is a waste of money

    Im not into the conspiracy thing at all. I was turned in this direction after my father died by some people who had beaten cancer this way. I'm not down on the medical community or anything like that, but it's hard to ignore that kind of cure rate. Likewise, doctors in Germany and Russia are...
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    Chemotherapy is a waste of money

    A man named DR. Max Gierson stood before congress in the 1930's and declared that he had found the cure for all types of cancer. He had over a 90 percent cure rate for all types of cancer in all stages at the time. 3 years later, this was deleted from the record and all forms of cancer...
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    Audio advice

    Is that yeti phantom powered?? if it is, try it without phantom power, some mics still work, but with less BOOOYA. As far as this environment noise..I have a solution, but it's tricky. Record your room at whatever volume you are going to VO. What I mean is, before you start reading, hit...
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    Audio advice

    dude? thoughts?
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    Breaking Bad: Final Season

    I'd have to echo the sentiment I've read here. BB is the best show I've ever watched. I will actually check out the wire based on this thread. But my list goes a lil something like this 1. Breaking bad (the cinematography, the camera work, the WRITING (they kept most of the original writers...
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    Audio advice

    thump, you could use a standard pg 58 or an sm57 and get pro sound with the mic naked if u knew just a few KEY things to the editing. For example... record yourself reading at a standard pace about 3-4 inches away from mic (to preserve bass response...the farther away you are, the less bass...
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    Audio advice

    I own a recording studio, have for years and I use Adobe Audition. I loved cool edit pro, AA's little brother..I find both programs to be simple and easy to use. This is a great program for voice over work. What type of Voice over work did you get and how?
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    ATTENTION FORUM MEMBERS! Your new Batman is...

    eh, I don't hate it. He's tall, a decent actor, let's see if he can pull of dark and tortured. He can pull of Bruce Wayne, that I don't doubt at all, but we'll see. He's taller than Henry though...i dont like that
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    I had to spread rep, but yeah..Im with you. I dont know about him being there though, sorry...I just agree with you on him being part of the experience.
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    The Reason I Hate Going To Funerals.

    Yeah, this is upsetting. When I do funerals or weddings, I feel like that's the time to honor the PEOPLE we're there for. I tell personal stories if I know them, and if I don't I make sure I ask friends and family to share their favorites with me and then share them for the service. This...
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    steam sale

    4 pages and no one drops a URL????
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    Jamie Foxx As Electro In Amazing Spider-Man 2

    he looks like Tito Ortiz but with a broken nose
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    Man Of Steel Trailer

    I didnt mind 'returns'. I took it for what it was, and I thought the way they filled the missing time was 'ok'. It was what it was...but it was good to see him back on the screen. I LIKED Brandon Routh!! This guy looks good too, but they are playing a darker angle. I am excite!