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    This sucked. What's your story

    I woke up on a Tuesday to my step mother thumping footsteps across the floor. "come quick, your dad's dead" started my day. I was 26. He was fighting and beating cancer, in fact the day before was his LAST Radiation treatment. My mother had died the year prior. My grandma, grandpa, grandma...
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    Westboro 'baptist' to picket school funerals...anonymous attacks

    So yeah...Anonymous has problems with that (as we all do) so here is info on the members...let's call them shall we!? Link to member list, phone numbers, addresses etc...
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    HELP! Anyone know where I can stream NFL games.?

    Yeah, they're not showing the GB game anywhere for me today. Any ideas? (sorry if in wrong forum spot)
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    Just DL'd Double Dragon II bro!!

    So yeah, the wii now offers double dragon II for 5 bucks! My wife and I were pumped and downloaded it. IT's the one with the superknee, knees and elbows to the face and other epicness! It's funny though how games used to be so linear, SHORT, and predictable. You guys remember this joint!?!
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    How much do you drink?

    So yeah, I'm pretty sure that my alcohol consumption is out of balance...jut not in a healthy place. I dont get drunk per se..(my wife has seen me drunk 3 times in 6 years and they've always been at family functions) But I drink beers like...MOSt nights. I know it's out of balance for...
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    Top stand-up routines

    So. Here is my tentative list. I would like to hear yours. 5 Aziz Ansari's first stand up 4 Bill BUrr . 'why do I do this' It's on netflix and I was shocked at how funny it was 3 Katt williams - Pimp Chronicles 2 Russell Peters. He has a TON of different routines on you tube...
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    the movie WARRIOR GET IT NOW!!!

    OK, So there was a thread back in September. I paid no attention. What an idiot I am. A friend essentially MADE me watch it. He came to my house with it twice and was like WATCH THIS NOW. He was right. AMAZING movie. GReat movie. It has the potential to do ALOT for the sport in alot...
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    any one interested in an interview with TUF cast member?

    Hey y'all. Member when I said that my friend Spencer Paige was on last seasons TUF? Well, I wasn't lying. Would anyone be interested in an interview with him? I could get some questions from you guys to ask him concerning him, other cast members, current UFC news ETC. Thoughts?? It...
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    Any advice for buying a flatscreen?

    Some of you on here are very savvy fellas. One would even say that you are downright SMART. Having said that, my wife and I are in the market for a 30 ish inch hdtv. We know very little about them, so I pose this question. Where would YOU guys go to start looking, and what do you...
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    de-classified documents offer UFO proof

    I feel like this thread will separate the lazy retards from the open minded. This document has hundreds of top secret occurrences about ufos. From Generals to privates to the Vatican, it's all military (not all U.S.) recently unclassified documents with supporting evidence for said events. US...
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    Like this t-shirt??

    My cousin designed this for me based on a convo about how I carried my It says 'you got guns in this house?' YOu do now bitch!'
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    Dude! My friend is on t.u.f!!

    Sorry for the all caps but woah! My friend named Spencer Paige (from my town of a few thousand) just finished up filming The Ultimate Fighter! I dunno how he did (I kinda do based on some fb posts) but yeah, my school graduates like 40 a year and he was a few years behind me. He's a LITTLE...
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    Lidell vs franklin??

    Just got an email from 'american fighter' and it said this "If you haven't already heard, the fight is official! Rich Franklin vs. Chuck Liddell at UFC 115 on June 12th in Vancouver, Canada. This will be a war and a great fight!" Don't wanna warchief here, but WHAT>>>>>???? I hadn't heard...
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    Your opinions please

    So I have a question. I have a license to carry a concealed weapon In NY state. I am fully aware of what the state 'suggests' as to where and when I carry. The 'official' restrictions are loose and very poorly documented, even on the phone with the office that issued the permit. Therefore...
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    UFC 111 Injury report and Disciplinary action.(spoilers)

    Following a less than spectacular night of MMA action, the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board issued medical suspensions for six “UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy” fighters, and one disciplinary suspension for unsportsmanlike behavior. is reporting that middleweight Rousimar...
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    Tower 200 ya'll

    so, i got the Tower 200 by 'body by jake". Randy Couture endorses it. Saw the commercial through a friend, did research, bought it. 4 or 5 weeks later it came. I am very satisfied with it. Damn it, ROCKS! I charted out 2 good workouts that include the WHOLE Body. That plus cardio...
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    thoughts on couture

    I dunno about you knuckle heads, but I must say I was wildly impressed with Randy's game last night. The way he got out of the deep waters with poise and control is something I feel he has a monopoly on. There were several times when I was SURE he was donesky but alas.... The way he...
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    rashad and Machida??

    With a combined record of 32-0-1, light heavyweight stars "Sugar" Rashad Evans and Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida have left a trail of destruction behind them that includes some of the greatest fighters in UFC® history. Now in the main event of UFC® 98, the two will meet in an epic showdown pitting...
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    Evans comes off a douche

    I keep thinking there's something im missing about Evans. I never felt he was on par with ....well, many of his last few opponents and then HE WON. I STIll dont consider him on Rampage's level....I know that's not a fair opinion. And THEN as I said in another thread, when page and he were...
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    the DOG thread

    K...lets DO of our best friends.... Sam 10 months he's a pure golden. Great dog...TOO friendly but VERY Obedient. Lots of people have said 'hes the best behaved dog ive ever seen!!" and he's not even a year. CESAR MILAN Y'ALL!