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  1. SickNasty

    Impeachment Part Deux

    Wouldn't it be nice if the people who did fucked up illegal shit receive the appropriate punishment. However, this is America so probably nothing will happen, the rich connected fucks will get away scot free, or with a slap on the wrists, and everyone will applaud themselves for a job well...
  2. SickNasty

    QAnon Revealed [Updated]

    She literally harassed a school shooting survivor while telling him she had a conceal carry permit and always carried a gun with her.
  3. SickNasty

    Kellyanne Conway Posts Revenge Child Porn

    There is no situation where this can be simply explained away.
  4. SickNasty

    FOX News, OAN, Newsmax, Breitbart, Parler, and the Alt-Right Propaganda Machines

    Fox being called "news" when it's anything but is wild man.
  5. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

    It'd be nice if something more could be done other than tossing one's hands up in the air and saying "oh well".
  6. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

    Do you think governments should be held accountable by the atrocities they commit?
  7. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

  8. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

    Why shouldn't every African American citizen receive reparations when they all are negatively impacted by the effects of slavery? If we can all agree that the colonization of the USA resulted in the near genocide of the Native Americans, the trans Atlantic slave trade was an abomination of all...
  9. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

    The disbursement of reparations is a wildly complicated discussion that is definitely worth having. I don't think that asking "who pays for that" is asking a fair question. Realistically, we're already paying a price for not addressing it. All of which can be traced back, in some way, to...
  10. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

    I'm not saying making people, like a single person(s) accountable. Again - I'm just spitballing here because I am a certified uneducated person - but things like not whitewashing our history, having an honest non blustery discussion on reparations, an audit on policing, reevaluation of money in...
  11. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

    For the most part, people still bring up those things because there was no accountability. There are treaties signed by the US Government with regards to Native Tribal Lands and their ability to have certain sovereign rights and yet shit like the Keystone Access Pipeline can just come in and...
  12. SickNasty

    Election 2020

    You gonna snuggle with this guy aren't ya
  13. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

    Black history is American history, but in America, history is white washed. White is the default. Until Racism is addressed in all systems, you still need to address Black history. Specifically in America, Black history is unique because we can all have pride in Irish / Italian / German and...
  14. SickNasty

    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    AOC put on her @AOC twitter that she secured COVID funeral costs reimbursements nation wide.
  15. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

    Absolutely. There are, specifically since the 20th, proposals put forth by Biden that do command a hopeful outlook. For instance, as of right now, if you work a job that has a serious risk of causing you to get covid and you refuse to work that job and quit accordingly you don't qualify for...
  16. SickNasty

    The Fall of the USA

    It's nice that you were able to leave a place that made you unhappy and were able to move to a place that makes you more happy. I'm genuinely glad you found a place of solace. However, to link riots, muggings, burglary , etc to strictly "that liberal, socialist, anarchist, and progressive...
  17. SickNasty


    It's amazing to me that the regional MMA scene (PA / NJ) is riddled with covid deniers and people just shitting on every aspect of trying to contain the virus. Like anything that isn't flat out just "open everything up" is some scheme to keep power. Fucking depressing.
  18. SickNasty

    ESPN 20: Chiesa vs. Magny

    Chiesa definitely looked good, specially considering Magny is tough as fuck. I worry about his cardio in the later rounds though, particularly when he's fighting just cardio machines like Cuntington. Good thing there is plenty of time to increase the size of his gas tank.
  19. SickNasty

    The Biden/Harris Administration

    Like, getting 45 out is a nice win and it is a big win, but now the work starts. Healthcare, Education, Climate, Racial any order.
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