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    The Witcher Netflix Series (NO BOOK OR VIDEO GAME SPOILERS)

    I was about to give up on it after a few episodes. I liked it but had no idea what the fuck was going on. Glad I stuck it out, I felt it was pretty good. I’ve never read one of the books or played any of the video games so that was probably why I was so lost
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    2019 NFL Football Thread

    HELP I'm hungry for a bills cookie that doesn't have PC aids.
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    Francis Ngannou vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik expected to headline UFC Columbus

    I’ll take the ass crack guy in this one
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    Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington Welterweight Title Fight [Post Fight Discussion]

    I just read an interview where Colby essentially admitted he created this character bc ufc told him before the Maia fight that he would likely be cut win lose or draw and that’s why he did the promo against Brazil after the fight. If that’s true Can’t blame the man for saving his job even if it...
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    Star Wars - The Mandalorian (Episode Spoilers)

    The last episode was not good. It was watchable Way too much fan service. I like the expanded universe to do just that, expand. New worlds, etc. no need to go back to planets we’ve already seen.
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    Frankie Edgar [Ortega Injured] vs. TKZ Chan Sung Jung headlines UFC’s return to S. Korea *Updated

    There’s not much to like about New Jersey but if you don’t like Frankie Edgar and Jim Miller FUCK YOU.
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    Carano: What I Think

    Conor is a confident man. A con man. And it worked.
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    Jon Jones to defend UFC light heavyweight title vs. Dominick Reyes on Feb. 8

    This fight will probably motivate Jones to work hard and train hard so I believe he will murder death kill Reyes Nothing personal to Reyes who is a very good fighter
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    Star Wars - The Mandalorian (Episode Spoilers)

    I’m too impatient to use a microwave. I eat my leftovers cold playa. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.
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    Star Wars - The Mandalorian (Episode Spoilers)

    And back with such a high quality post.
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    Star Wars - The Mandalorian (Episode Spoilers)

    I’m liking the show, not liking the wait between episodes.
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    Update - Weili Zhang vs. Joanna Jedrzejcyzk targeted for UFC 248

    She turned down Zhang three times and now they both have the opportunity to make three times as much money fighting now as opposed to in the past. Seems like a smart move
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    Happy Birthday, Ninjastix.

    Happy birfday playa
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    Question for religious people

    I forgot to reply to this thread after me gots tagged. Ninja we grew up in the same school district. I went to rcc in shoreham. Most of the parishioners were from the leisure senior living areas around the church so I didn’t really experience any members of the church saying homophobic things...