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    Election 2020

    Deep State bro. I could find a source right now that represents the "other side" of Biden being a reptilian. But it doesn't seem pertinent to discuss since it's a fiction spun by uninformed people who don't realize that they're the equivalent of a Wendy William's studio audience. And that's...
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    Is what it is.
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    The Science Thread

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    Election 2020

    There you go. Tempting fate.
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    Trump jumps in: The Donald runs

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    What do you drive?

    Black trucks matter.
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    Guns and White Power Thread Huh. Note where police shot Mr. AK 47.
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    The Fall of the USA
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    What do you drive?

    That's a weird concept to me. Ordering a car. You get a Toyota truck?
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    2020 XFL

    You know for as goofy as the origination of the XFL and for as horrible a human being as Vince McMahon is, I'd be all for an alternative football league if it provides an avenue for athletes to circumvent the NCAA.
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    Four Minneapolis officers are fired after video shows one kneeling on neck of black man who later died

    22:25 for those that have any illusions about the modern Republican agenda.
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    Interesting piece here, it's opinion so be forewarned, but I tend to agree with the viewpoint that the pandemic is really exposing the broader crisis of health and economic inequality in the United States' health standards...
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    Populism and male chauvinism FTW.
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    Hurricane Season 2019

    This bullshit gets earlier every year. Storm is set to hit up Monday night into Monday day. Probably gonna lose power. Hope everyone else in the path is at the ready.
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    That's so accurate it hurts.