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    The Totally Useless Thread II

    I think it's a depends on whether or not you identify as a farmer.
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    Tito Ortiz says he's been contacted about Mike Tyson fight, could double Mayweather-McGregor numbers

    I'm assuming Chuck Liddell is next to be contacted? Followed by Randy Couture. Then Mark Coleman. Then Mark Kerr. Also assuming Tim Silvia will not make the contact list. Can I vote somewhere for Diego Sanchez? If I'm going to watch comedy, I want to maximize the cast.
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    The "What Game Are You Playing?" Thread

    I am re-installing Assassin's Creed Origins on my Xbone, because god damn it I'm getting my money's worth out of every last piece of shit Ubisoft title I own. I also purchased Control from the Epic Game Store. If you're a new sign up they give you a 10 dollar credit and the game is half off...
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    The "What Game Are You Playing?" Thread

    As bad as Assassin Creeds has been and will likely be in the future.. I gotta say I found it. I found the point at which Ubisoft hit terminal velocity and it doesn't have to do with their monetization practices. Those are industry standards. The cliff that Ubisoft sailed over was FarCry 5...
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    The Bait and Switch of Contemporary Christianity

    I've yet to meet a self-appointed (because that's what they are) Christian who followed a doctrine of pacifism, tolerance, compassion, and mercy. Not one. They all follow proxies of theistic dogma. And consequently they're down to fuck or fight or cheat or steal or generally behave in a way...
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    Currently listening to?

    Goose bumps every time.
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    Post Your Movie Reviews Here

    Blue Velvet Like Predators I may already have a review up for this, who knows, but unlike Predators this is some cinema baybee so I wanted to give it a re-visitation. Originally I was a big fan of Blue Velvet since I hadn't quite seen anything like it before apart from other Lynch films and of...
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    Netflix Streaming: What are You Watching?

    Finished the other two episodes of MIddleditch and Schwartz. Each one is funny but the first is the best. If I have to rate them: 1. A+ 2. B 3. B+
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    Report: Conor McGregor concerned he’ll suffer a brain injury

    I had a brain injury once.
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    Post Your Movie Reviews Here

    Did Miller Brewing make a movie? Doesn't Anheuser-Busch own them? Did they greenlight the project? What is going on!?
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    Currently listening to?

    1590270914 The anthem for 2020:
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    My co-worker's daughter, who's a nurse, just had a baby. Her mother-in-law is banned from their home because according to her the virus is a complete hoax orchestrated by the Democrats to hurt Trump's re-election prospects. So she pays no respect to social distancing, wearing masks, or...
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    Joe Rogan announces podcast move to Spotify; deal worth more than $100 million

    Yeah I love Matt, I'll have to check out his stuff. Be was great on Dead Author's. His improving as Carl Sagan and Ian Flemming is some of the best performance art out there.
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    Joe Rogan announces podcast move to Spotify; deal worth more than $100 million

    Mostly the No Sleep Podcast. I'd download a bunch for vacation drives we'd do but that's kind of over and done with for awhile. I'm a fan of the NPR stuff, Fresh Air, Hidden Brain, and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Also liked Car Talk. I'm a fan of Funhaus but their Dude Soup podcast sucks...
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    Joe Rogan announces podcast move to Spotify; deal worth more than $100 million

    Same, I use Stitcher or YouTube if I'm gonna podcast.