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    Tyson vs Jones

    They look like 50 something men to me.
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    Me getting banned

    I love this game!
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    OxyContin maker to plead guilty to federal criminal charges, pay $8 billion, and will close the company

    They literally need it. Period. 1606609699 This is fucking evil.
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    I think he means that Neil Peart was Rush's Paul Bearer.
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    Election 2020

    I hope he steals Air Force One and lands it in Moscow. And then they seize it and send him to Siberia.
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    Mod the bans!

    Don't be sheeple, cucks.
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    Why can't I ban myself?

    You're obviously one of them.
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    Why can't I ban myself?

    Is it because the election was stolen? Is it because the government is making me wear a mask to spread George Soros' disease of Jewness? Is it because fluoride sends my brain signals to Jeff Bezos? Communists Plandemic Deep state Rothschilds Illuminati Fake media
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    Yes. They were libertarian by setting up conscription and taxation and slaveholding rights, and a complex legal rational constitutional authority. They were liberals, not libertarians. Jesus Christ. Do you not have a fucking history class at any point in your education system?
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    The great irony is the overwhelming majority of these libertarian types would be nothing but serfs if not for elite, intervening government types. They sure as fuck wouldn't be spouting off on the internet, they'd be picking fucking crops.
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    Exactly. The government does control your life by making it livable. You are an obese middle aged man. Without government controlling your life through hospitals, insurance, and security, you'd be dead or somebody's bitch.
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    It's almost as if this Spike fella is a total fucking r-tard.
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    Election 2020

    Read this 1605886804
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