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    Happy Birthday, Bran

    Happy birthday bran flakes!
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    Recovery Thread

    I could really use some magic mushrooms myself. I need to hit a reset button.
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    The "What Game Are You Playing?" Thread

    I have a hankerin' for a hunk o' cheese
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    Vent and Post Your Random Rant Here

    It is time for me to get some therapy myself. I highly encourage anyone in crisis to seek out counseling.
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    Vent and Post Your Random Rant Here

    My mental health is very poor.
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    Currently listening to?

    1606267631 Ever heard of apocalyptica?
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    Election 2020

    Maybe he will flee the country
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    I hate the holograms but this one was so badass:
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    Kano's training log

    Mostly meat and potatoes. I'm lean. Weighing in at around 205 standing 6' 5". I have just been largely sedentary lately and need to get back on the horse.
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