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    Cejudo, Benavidez to coach TUF and then brawl

    I don't watch it much anymore.
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    Pat Barry Doesn't Want to Wrestle, Retires From MMA

    Hope he's happy and takes good care of Rose.
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    T.J. Dillashaw vs. Rapahel Assuncao rematch now official for UFC 200

    Should be a good fight. Looking forward to watching it.
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    Cejudo, Benavidez to coach TUF and then brawl

    Y'all should start a pool on how many time he's says he's won a gold olympic medal for the whole entire series.
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    Marijuana Use Has Doubled — But Who Smokes It Most?

    Hoping Florida will make it medical this year.
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    The *Official* *New* NFL 2015 thread

    I REALLY like watching the Patriots, Seahawks. Giants, Broncos, just to see some of the players on those teams. But, I've been a Cowboys fan since 1961, my freshman year in high school. I'm hoping I can post more here. I'll try.
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    Brandon Vera Not Cut by UFC

    O gotta say, I don't this is coincidental since all the talk of TUF Philippines. Doesn't he have family that teaches over there.
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    The Podcast Thread

    I listen to "Between Rounds MMA Radio", "Fanhousse - MMA Hour", "It's Time!" (Bruce Buffer of course), "The Fight Show," and sometimes Rogan.
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    Penn Feels He's At Another Level After Training With Hughes

    I haven't wanted BJ to win in a long time, but I sure as hell want him to dominate Fitch. Don't know if yall read Fitch's pre-fight blogs on MMAFighting, but he sounds a little dull, much like his fights. He's articulate, but just doesn't seem to say much. I read all of them hoping I could...
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    Frankie Edgar: Trial By Fire

    A 10-7 round is rare. I can't remember seeing one in the UFC (Please help me if you remember one). Maybe Kalib Starnes might have gotten one, but it's tough to give the Champion a 10-7 round. I don't think anyone had considered a 10-7 round until Gray mentioned it at the press conference...
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    Hughes Training BJ for Fitch!

    I agree.
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    Guilty plea shadows Chael Sonnen vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 128

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    UFC 124 *Live Discussion* *spoilers*

    Kos is whispering iove you man it was just for the $$$
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    UFC 124 *Live Discussion* *spoilers*

    Kos can say GSP didn't finish him
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    UFC 124 *Live Discussion* *spoilers*

    What a pleasure to watch GSP work