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Apr 4, 2020 at 10:53 PM
Oct 13, 2008
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Nov 29, 1986 (Age: 33)
Chicago, Thrillinois

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The wolf dead., 33, from Chicago, Thrillinois

Widget time! Mar 31, 2015

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    1. Afro
      I gotta know man, what fight costed you your name lol
      1. Bran
        I bet on Hunt against Lesnar and my appeals to the MMASpot Betting Comission fell on deaf ears.
        Aug 9, 2016
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      2. Afro
        Oh that should of easily been a NC for you man
        Aug 9, 2016
      3. disposableassassin
        I would've been ok with it being repealed because of some juice monkey. The victory was a bit bittersweet. We should rematch soon.
        Aug 13, 2016
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    2. ILJO
    3. Bran
      Widget time!
      1. Poindexter
        You can't touch this.
        Mar 31, 2015
    4. Noise
      Get on that Sex Criminals ish, bro:


      I really thought the comic was, like, some fringe comic and shit - But yeuh, it's got a television deal, apparently. That's really surprising and really good.

      I've been reading American Vampire, too. I think I'm beginning to realize that I'm a sucker for vampire shit, haha. I hate to admit it because it IS overdone and whatnot, but damn. It's pretty good.

      Oh, dude, and Lazarus? STELLAR shit. I'm really, really enjoying it. I caught up to it, unfortunately. Now I have to wait and wait for the next issues, but yea. So good.

      Hoping Brubaker's Velvet is legit. Read the first issue; so far, so good :party:.
    5. ATJ-Lucko
    6. Noise
      I haven't, man! NO fucking time. And I'm...Like, my life in consumed right now with how broke I am, haha. My car died to day (why the fuck am I telling you this, hahaha) and like - Yea, just no time. Entertainment has definitely taken a back seat to, uh, being-a-better-living-thing, hah.

      Loved that Sex Criminals series, man. Almost wish I hadn't burned through it so fast. Can't wait for Vol. 006.
    7. ILJO
      Right on. Thanks.
    8. ILJO
      Just pick one for me damn it! That's really what I'm asking of you. I already got them both, but I'm indecisive.
    9. ILJO
      So V is a little better? I was kind of leaning towards League (because I think I like the concept a bit better) but I'll probably go with V next if you say it's better.
    10. ILJO
      Hey, how would you rank Alan Moore's comics/graphic novels? I'm almost done with Watchmen; which should I read next?
    11. Poindexter
    12. Noise
      Ugh, man. I came so close to picking up Velvet. Had a shot at snagging the first three issues.

      And I haven't read Saga. I always get it confused with Fables for some unknown fuckin' reason, but yea. I did start on that Noir collection by Dark Horse, though. Pretty fuckin' legit, right off the bat.
    13. Noise
      I would...Do so many illegal things for her, Bran. Like, things, people, whatever. For a crack at that ass, :rip:.

      Also, enjoying Bendis' "Scarlet" issues. Maleev is stupid good with the illustrations.
    14. Noise
      Need some psychologically stimulating, adult themed, preferably dark but would settle for twisted and/or different comic book series recommendaishes, Bran. I read Millar's "Nemesis" - Can't wait for him to come out with Vol. 5 or whatever. Also getting into the Sex Criminals series by Fraction.

      Have you heard good things about the Scott Pilgrim deal? I have the color editions, but. Not sure if I'm in the right mood to jump into them just yet. Looking for something great, not just good.
    15. Noise
      Hahahaha, close! Fucking work's been keeping me busy. I need to pick comics and movies back up.
    16. Poindexter
      Yeah. I remember seeing it, but I'm not sure when I did.
    17. Noise
      I haven't, man. No time. I always start reading the 2nd Fatale book and end up getting distracted.
    18. Poindexter
    19. Noise
      Think I'll probably end up checking out Scalped and Sam & Twitch. That, plus Fatale, should keep me plenty busy for a while.

      Thought I'd give Spawn a shot, finally, but. I don't know - I'm afraid of it feeling dated. And the artwork isn't anywhere near Alex Maleev's or Sean Phillips' level. Wish so bad Hellspawn had worked. It was off to such a promising start before the wheels came off, :rip:.

      I need to check that HBO animated Spawn series out, though - Fuckin' A.
    20. Noise
      You ever checked out Scalped, Bran? Jason Aaron - I'm tempted to, but I don't know. Just starving for some good graphic shit. Bought book two of Brubaker's Fatale, but haven't even started on book one.

      You run into any interesting, worthwhile shit lately?
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    Nov 29, 1986 (Age: 33)
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