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what does one have to do to watch the fightts on facebook?

Discussion in 'MMA University' started by iverbure, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. iverbure

    iverbure Active Member

    As being one of the remaining 5 people in this world who doesn't have facebook, what does one have to do to watch the fights on there? Obvisouly i have to sign up for a facebook account but what do i have to do afterwards? I am considering signing up and just doing what i have to do to watch the fights if i can.
  2. TriangleSmoke

    TriangleSmoke Motherfucker of the Century Site Donor

    i'm pretty sure you just log into facebook, search for the UFC page, click "Like," and then watch the stream from the UFC's facebook page.
  3. jesusatemyhotdog

    jesusatemyhotdog Welcome to the machine.

    Even I knew that. And I am not on Facebook either.
  4. Peno

    Peno All will fall

    I don't have Facebook. I'm anti-Facebook. I could give two shits what some fucktard I graduated highschool with 12 years ago is doing EVERY FUCKING DAY.
  5. ATJ-Lucko

    ATJ-Lucko MMAtheist Survival Pool Champion

    doesn't have FB!! you have a computer? internet connection? you have Facebook.. lol
  6. RF76

    RF76 beach bum

    Fuck a facebook.
  7. groundgame

    groundgame New Member

    facebook is for children.

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