What do you think of Conor McGregor?

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What do you think of Conor McGregor?

Poll closed May 20, 2015.
  1. Don't like him. Is a great fighter.

  2. Like him. Is a great fighter.

  3. Don't like him. Is not a great fighter.

  4. Like him. Is not a great fighter.

  5. Don't like him. Will become a great fighter.

  6. Like him. Will become a great fighter.

  1. jokerthief

    jokerthief No reason to get excited. Site Donor

    Let's document this before either the bandwagon comes or the hype train derails.

    I'm going to define a "great fighter" as someone who is consistently in the top 3.
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  2. Neganomics

    Neganomics Your Trusted Web M.Deezy

    I have been very impressed with him as a fighter. His aggression is a rarity in the sport today and his supreme confidence is probably his best tool. I believe you can see a fighter's abilities in looking at their eyes during their fights. Conor doesn't look like the moment of being in the cage is bigger than him. He absolutely believes he belongs in there and that he is the best. That is an incredible intangible attribute. It would be interesting to see how that changed if he were to suffer a big loss.

    I'm a fan. He's a little over the top to say the least but I have honestly been bored with MMA for quite a while now, and to me Conor is the most exciting thing to happen to the sport for as long as I can remember. I will not miss one of his fights which puts him in the same category for me as Anderson Silva and Cain Velasquez, entertainment-wise at least.
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  3. jokerthief

    jokerthief No reason to get excited. Site Donor

    This poll will expire before his fight with Aldo FYI.
  4. Bigshanks

    Bigshanks You think you're hard man?

    I can't stand the guy but I do see great potential in him. I think the UFC is pushing him to the top too fast and Aldo is going to knock him back down.
  5. scottsec

    scottsec NOLA

    I voted but my honest feelings on CM are I hated the dude at first...now I'm not sure...he talks to much for my taste but he is impressive in the Octagon...I just don't know...
  6. ATJ-Lucko

    ATJ-Lucko MMAtheist Survival Pool Champion

    you mean the future champ??
  7. disposableassassin

    disposableassassin A bucket of fuck it Site Donor

    I'm not sold on his greatness until he beats either Aldo, Edgar, or Mendes.
  8. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    I like him but I don't see anything preternatural about his abilities. I didn't think his last performance was great.
  9. Noise

    Noise Ruido

    I like him, but chose "will become a great fighter" because there's no "I don't know" option.

    I may not like what he says or his intentions and shit, but the guy has the gift of gab and that's good for the sport.

    I really want to see him lose, but that's a good thing. That's a thing I like about the guy, in a weird way.

    That Aldo fight is something to get excited about.

    King Aldo put it perfectly. I mean, who doesn't like a court jester?
  10. Tapout

    Tapout Bringing Sexy Back Site Donor

    I like him how I like the Diaz brothers, brash and just goes for it.

    Only thing I don't like isn't his fault. It's the title fight. That's some bullshit. But as a fighter and personality he keeps me interested.
  11. jokerthief

    jokerthief No reason to get excited. Site Donor

    This is why I had such a hard time choosing between "is great" and "will become great". I think Aldo, Edgar, and Mendes will challenge McGregor in ways he hasn't been tested before. Right now the probability of McGregor beating Aldo in my mind is 55%. It's 50% with Edgar and Mendes. All IMO of course. So in my mind he's barely in the top three on a theoretical probabilistic basis.
  12. Kano

    Kano My New Challenge Site Donor


    top three was the part I went back and forth on because of the guys you named. Even if he lose to Aldo, he may not have to face Mendes or Edgar to work his way back to a second title shot (we've seen worse) so we may have to wait awile to answer that question. I don't see him losing to anyone else in the division.
  13. sourdough

    sourdough Sourdough Site Donor

    I voted "Don't like him. Is a great fighter" before I read the definition of great fight in the OP. It is hard to judge how good he is going to be when he hasn't fought anyone that can test his ground game in the ufc.
  14. Trodden

    Trodden Aggretsuko is my power animal

    I voted so, because I believe Conor will be the single greatest fighter from Ireland named Conor Mcgregor
  15. jokerthief

    jokerthief No reason to get excited. Site Donor

    If you had to guess, will McGregor be a top 3 guy within 3-4 years if he isn't already?
  16. SwordOfAres

    SwordOfAres Active Member

    I like him I think he will be a great one. If I were a betting man I'd have my money on him defeating Aldo.
  17. Trodden

    Trodden Aggretsuko is my power animal


    top ten I would say

    a win over Edgar or another top opponent would put him top 2 or 3

    but his personality, international drawing power, and success has gotten him far quick
  18. dan the man

    dan the man Gina Carano's personal sex slave

    I believe the hype surrounding him early on was premature, but he has certainly lived up to it. I have become a fan.

    The confidence, speed, and fluidity he exhibits in the Octagon will give anyone trouble, and I will not at all be surprised if he beats Aldo. True, he hasn't beaten Edgar or Mendes en route to his title shot, but the guys he has beaten were completely dominated.

    He is arguably the best promoter the UFC has right now, which will only make everyone involved more money. He has backed up the talk.
  19. Malevolence

    Malevolence “Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango!”

    I think he's already a great fighter & tbh a loss at this stage of his career to a guy like Aldo won't be the worst thing that could happen, it'd probably make him a better fighter eventually. He has had an opportunity kinda handed to him due to being fed favorable opponents thus far, but he's seized the moment really well imo. I Can't wait for the Aldo fight, I think it'll be a doozie.

    I think his behavior is well over the top & quite contrived & it makes me root against him but he's brilliant on his feet, his movement & accuracy are tremendous & he clearly has power, if he were more humble & let his actions speak for themselves I think I could support him more.
  20. kjh2477

    kjh2477 Banned

    I'd rather he kept the opinions and smack talk to potential fights - he seems to seek to comment on any and everything to stay in the limelight. That said, when the cage shuts he's awesome to watch, I don't begrudge his title shot, win or lose there's 12/24 months of relevant fights for him to sell.

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