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what are Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn's credentials?

Discussion in 'MMA University' started by ArMnHC, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. ArMnHC

    ArMnHC Great Chimdale County Man

    I have never doubted these guys' abilities to coach and create great fighters, they aren't one of the top camps in the world for nothing. but i was just curious what their backgrounds were if anyone knows. i know Greg Jackson has his own form of jiu-jitsu (i don't know how to spell it so i'm not even gunna try), but where did he learn it from. and was Winkeljohn a successful kickboxer? someone fill me in please.
  2. ATJ-Lucko

    ATJ-Lucko Champ-Champ

    Found this for Mike Winkeljohn, there is no wiki page for him

    And here is Jackon's wiki page

  3. FrankieButNotEdgar

    FrankieButNotEdgar Well-Known Member Site Donor

    Not sure of the answer to the question but I heard Bas say in an interview that everything he knows of MMA and fighting in general, was self taught so if he can do it, I guess others can too.
  4. Harlem Hustler

    Harlem Hustler Dont argue, I'm always right!

    he should have fought a Prime Royce in the UFC
  5. neo

    neo Misses Karo

    Greg Jackson has a wrestling background too I believe
  6. FrankieButNotEdgar

    FrankieButNotEdgar Well-Known Member Site Donor

    His body was breaking down by the time he got to the UFC. He tried a comeback and couldn't fight through the pain. His knees are bone and bone and he said he has tendonitis so bad it makes him want to cry.

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