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UPDATED - UFC 225 estimated ppv buys at 250,000

Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by Sakara=Excitement, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Sakara=Excitement

    Sakara=Excitement Live.Love.Learn Site Donor

    UFC 225 bombs at the box office with less than 150,000 PPV buys

  2. AnchorPunch

    AnchorPunch Well-Known Member Site Donor

    A lot of buzz going around that this + the ESPN deal is the sign on the wall that the UFC will reduce its PPV presence. I hope so. I like free fights on TV.
  3. Qball1974

    Qball1974 Tower of Song Site Donor

  4. thumper

    thumper all around great guy Staff Member

    I do too. the problem is currently they try to bank all the big fights so they can stack a couple PPVs then they put the lesser draws on the free tv cards. A few years ago the UFC said they knew they would have to ramp down the PPVs, but at that time they were 85% of the revenue.

    Sounds like you're right. They might have shifted thinking, and that's how they sold ESPN, by promising bigger fights.

    either way they are not in a good way I'd think
  5. SandyWH


    This is what happens when you put two /three major titles on the line at a couple of PPVs a year.
    When you actually have a solid card, noone is excited about it.

    Not diminishing Whitaker, but to a lot of folks he's just an interim champ that hasn't earned his title, fighting a guy that he's already beaten. Co-mained by a made up title fight for a title that's probably gonne be defended within 90 days of this one being created. Fought for by one of the blandest guys on the roster and another that can't ever be classy about anything.

    And follow that up by that girl that beat Ronda Rousey vs some other chick. Oh and CM Punk is fighting, but CM Punk is probably gonna get his ass kicked again by a hand-picked bum that was supposed to lose.

    A good card, not doubt, but not for $60 and especially not for $60 to those that aren't hardcore fans.
  6. Fe1

    Fe1 4 Division Champ

    Yep, people definitely wanted to pay to watch 0-1 vs 0-1
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  7. Miz

    Miz mortality, ka, and the Tower

    I enjoyed the card. Whitaker Romero was a good fight. God bless Whitaker for beating that freak of nature twice. Yoel is a physical specimen. Covington Dos Anjos was also a good fight.

    Off topic but I think Punk did good to not get finished. He is just not a good fighter. I do Bjj and I think with 3-4 months of training that I could possibly beat him. He is the only fighter on the male roster that I could say that about.
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  8. SickNasty

    SickNasty Now that's a tasty burger.

    I have a hard time trying to view things from a non-regular / "hardcore" mma fan point of view.
    Every fight on that card, to me, was awesome, aside from the CM Punk fiasco.

    I'm from meager means and just go to a local BWW or Ale House to catch the fights, but if I had the money I'd definitely buy that PPV and not feel cheated at the least.
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  9. SandyWH


    The problem is UFC's PPV income isn't derived from the hardcores. It comes mainly from US bars, the North American that knows who a handful of fighters on the card are, and the International PPVs. What they hope for from the hardcores is that they don't stream the product, but have enough friends that they pay for the event and invite friends over.

    Unfortunately, they've created a monster they can't maintain. McGregor and Rousey became such huge stars that noone on the roster really comes close. Their next highest profile fighters, that aren't retired or suspended, are DC and Woodley and Stipe. Knobby has some international appeal. But those four combined don't move the needle as much as Jones, Lesnar, Rousey, or Conor did.
    Their business model has never lended itself to develop stars. Or to market certain fighters. And the few times they tried it failed.
    They used to be able to pimp a division, but even that has fallen flat in recent years, mostly due to matchmaking and keeping younger fighters from establishing themselves.
    The ESPN turn could very good for their marketing. They may spend some time on developing fans of fighters' personally which might help. The embedded series tries that, but its not effective. Primarily because its still a fight-centric piece, and not relating to the fighter and their personality.
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  10. NotSoDarkAngel

    NotSoDarkAngel Well-Known Member

    If I wasn't working the Friday/Sunday that weekend I was planing on buying the PPV. I thought that top to bottom the lineup was pretty solid. 8-9 fights I was quite interested in, and I'd rather have cards built like that rather than around 1 or 2 big fights. UFC 226 is pretty much the same, but again, working Friday/Sunday :-(
  11. SickNasty

    SickNasty Now that's a tasty burger.

    How would you recommend they start building their stars?
  12. disposableassassin

    disposableassassin A bucket of fuck it Site Donor

    Colby's big fucking mouth hasn't moved the needle for shit.
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  13. SandyWH


    I'll preface this by saying I don't know how WME is structuring new contracts. I knew Zuffa's structures, but not WME's

    First and foremost, UFC needs to hire PR and marketing people that are specifically there to advise/help the fighters and their agents do the job that the agents should be doing, but aren't.
    I try to make these guys stars in the cities and areas that they call home. It can't be done with everyone because they so many guys live where their camps are, but the ones that aren't are the best places to start.
    Example: Tyron Woodley should be doing local press interviews and promos around St Louis and the surrounding areas.

    Every fighter on every card should be made available for interviews once the bouts are signed. Which means every fighter should have a media contract with UFC.
    Every press outlet credentialed for the event should be given contact info for the fighters/agents/reps to line up interviews.
    Any fighter or credentialed media that opts not to do additional coverage (interviews, stories, etc) puts their contracts/credentials at risk.
    Example: LA Times wants credentials and they want to do interviews w/ Megan Anderson, Curtis Blaydes, and Yoel Romero, therefore they are given the agent's contact info, or they work with the UFC team, in order to line that up

    UFC needs to relax their sponsorship issues. Associating fighters with a particular advertiser/product will help to make them more recognizable. It also opens the door for additional exposure to athletes as part of the individual sponsor's ad campaigns.
    Example: Schick Razors signs Whitaker & Gustaffson to be a part of their ad campaign. Tyron Woodley appears in an Old Spice commercial w/ Terry Crews. Mighty Mouse & Cam Netwon cross training each other in a Gatorade commercial

    Agents. These fighters need to hire actual agents. Stop letting the guy that runs the gym be their agent. Stop letting their sister's boyfriend be the agent. And for God's sake please do not sign with Maliki Kawa.

    Change up the narrative on some of these guys. Make sure that your announce crews aren't recycling the same tired information about a fighter. Try to have 4-5 new interesting tidbit about a fighter every time they fight. We know that Joe Lauzon was a computer geek. What's he enjoy doing now? Have they ever once told us, during Jim Miller's 20+ UFC fights, that he's an avid hunter and uses his bonus winnings to buy more and bigger toys? John Fitch is actually a hilarious dude and quite a clown, but we would never ever know that based on what the UFC announcers have told us about him.

    Part of the reason they can't build stars is that they almost have to make them out to be these unbeatable monsters. So that once they've lost they've lost their push. Build up the fight. It doesn't have to be the singular styles. But build up the fight.
    Example: Can Knobby's wrestling and ability to control opponents anywhere, or will Ferguson's agressively awkward striking put his opponent on his heals. One guy's gonna solve the other's puzzle and win the fight.
    Example: Might Mouse has defended his title 10 consecutive times. He's fast off with faster, stronger, meaner, uglier guys, but he's never stepped into the cage with John Smith. Smith's ability to absorb punches and fire back in kind is on a level never before seen by DJ. Will Smith finally be the one to topple the king or will DJ add another notch to his belt.

    That's just a couple things. And outside of the Agents thing all of them can be controlled within the halls, walls, and doors of the UFC offices.
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  14. Sakara=Excitement

    Sakara=Excitement Live.Love.Learn Site Donor

    Pretty spot on.
  15. SickNasty

    SickNasty Now that's a tasty burger.

    I'm going to start asking you questions more often.

    Hopefully, you'll have the time and patience to answer.
  16. thumper

    thumper all around great guy Staff Member

    Their model USED to promote brining guys up in TUF but they've strayed and it's lost it's push completely.

    but i agree about growing stars. I posted this in another thread

  17. Sakara=Excitement

    Sakara=Excitement Live.Love.Learn Site Donor

    You should ask him about Matt Brown and GSP.
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  18. Ramma

    Ramma Judo Throws Arouse Me

    The current situation UFC finds themselves in is purely of their own doing.

    The constant shit show of title pictures. The money fights over logical fights mentality.

    It's made it so that every fighter on the UFC roster tries to be another Nick Diaz, Chael Sonnen or Connor McGregor. It's all fake. You got these people you as a hardcore fan have barely heard of talking about "Big money fights" like what in the actual fuck?

    The UFC is embarrassingly trying to just find ANYONE to be a star. Why did Justin Gaethje get to be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter? lol Most people had zero idea who he was. It's all about creating the NEXT "whoever" rather than just letting stars be created.

    Stars ranging from GSP to Rich Franklin to Shogun to Rampage to Jon Jones to Lyoto Machida to Daniel Cormier made their way up the ladder.

    The current UFC, honestly, and this is my opinion, reminds of the business mentality of EliteXC. They want Kimbos more than they want Fedors. PPV Buys > Talent and Logic

    And if you don't believe me, just look at the fighters the UFC has let walk away to Bellator because they don't push the PPV needle.
  19. Rise

    Rise Well-Known Member

    I cropped your post but you make some great points on how the UFC needs to promote their athletes better. However don't you think the main failing is more about how they fail to promote their business based on the sport itself though ? It's great to have those guys that can move the needle in the media and get eyes on the product. Thing is they have a great sport/event that more times then not puts on entertaining events that rival anything out there and they can do that no matter what names are on the card. If you sell things based of the spectacle and event you'll grow stars that way as well.
  20. SandyWH


    That’s part of promoting the match up. They’ve failed because they’ve hyped the fighter and not the fight. Conor v Aldo was about bad blood, not Conor’s range and technical ability vs Aldo’s speed and accuracy.
    UFC has been very successful in promoting UFC and Dana White, but they’ve done it at the expense of the talent. And they’ve made matchups out that didn’t make sense just to make a buck. Cerrone pushes the needle because he’s an idiot fighter that bangs away. Same for Brown. But Rory was a top 3talent and not very well followed so they let him walk. Not because of relent but because he didn’t fit the rock em sockem feed me anyone style that UFC has come to love.
    Although it’s become a running joke think about this a minute: Cerrone & Brown has roster spots in WW, but Shields, Fitch, And Rory don’t those 3together have less loses than either Brown or Cerrone

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