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Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by Kano, Apr 13, 2018.

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    YES, :devilsmiley::devilsmiley::devilsmiley:: DOUBT<333333333!!!!!!!11!!1!1!
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    Fuck Noise, War Carlos Condit!
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    i should add one more thing here. i mis-read his record. it's much worse than i thought

    Dhiego came here from the MFC. he was 9-1. rightfully so he had to prove himself in TUF. he lost in the finale, but got a contract anyway. don't the guys that get contracts out of TUF make $10,000 per fight show money?

    and I was wrong about his stint in the UFC. he went 1-3 after losing the finale in TUF. and got released. then he went 2-1 in some even smaller orgs than mfc and got into TUF again. then lost the finale and another fight. he never even made it to Bellator

    so he was 1-5 UFC, made two stints on TUF and didn't win, yet both times got a contract anyway

    He was only a killer at 9-1 because he was in tiny orgs. He never belonged in the UFC at all based on his results
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    15k is too low in general for a UFC fighter, but in Dhiego Lima's case he isn't UFC quality. Dhiego Lima is like Murilo Ninja, and Douglas is Shogun, he's just incredibly mediocre as a fighter.

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