UFC fighter Andrea Lee, husband Donny Aaron address Nazi tattoo controversy

Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by Sakara=Excitement, Jun 3, 2018.

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    There are elements of football (soccer) fans of various different clubs in Europe that have affiliations with organizations that range from far right to outright Neo Nazi views. It’s not that common in the UK, although some sections of supporters of Chelsea & Millwall have been linked with Neo Nazi/National front movements, they tend to just be meatheads who are just looking for trouble rather than genuine football fans though.

    Ironically there’s an abundance of Neo Nazi football supporters in the Polish & Russian region, which just goes to show how thick these cunts are when you consider that the Nazis did their damndest to erase those peoples forefathers from the face of the planet.

    There’s a particularly blatant Italian team from Rome called Lazio, their supporters give the fascist salute at games
    they receive regular bans & fines from UEFA for it, the fans don’t care & you could argue the club itself doesn’t care as they do little to eradicate it from their ground. The club can easily identify & ban agitators, they choose not to. The fans claim they’re actually performing a Roman salute but the club itself is steeped in Nationalist history & Nationalistic fans are drawn to it (it was Mussolini’s favorite team).

    One player in particular was banned years ago as he enthusiastically saluted Lazio fans after a particularly fiery encounter with a rival team, his name is Paulo Di Canio & he was all about it

    It was a bit of a shame as he had previously played for the team I support (Glasgow Celtic) which has very leftist leaning support & views, no one at the time was aware of his political views, not publicly anyhow. I loved the dude when he was playing for us, he was skillful, passionate, almost childlike is his approach to playing beautiful, creative, inventive football.
    But it turns out he’s a fuckin fascist, so he can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I’m concerned.
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    She, Andrea, fought her first fight int he UFC earlier this year and has been a featured Invicta fighter for a bit. She is fun to watch fight BUT yeah, her point of view was akin to "I seen the tattoos and asked him about them". Even in the off chance that someone has a Swastika or SS Bolts there isn't much to question there. Further, after that was put out there it was posted that her husband was in prison for shooting an unarmed black guy or something to that affect. So, yeah that's not something that can just be swept under the rug in conjunction with the tattoos.




    I am all about rehabilitation, I know plenty of people who have either been to jail or prison who turned their lives around and are productive members of society. That said, the jolly "I have plenty of racist tattoos on my body...but it doesn't represent who I am" shit is just outright dumb. There are racist folk who find people of the race they despise and make exceptions, because "You're not like them" or the more commonly known phrase "I have black friends", and that doesn't make them any less racist or an asshole. I am all about an open dialogue, but the moment he stated removing his tattoos are "not an option" then yes he is confirming to the world that he does indeed agree with those sentiments tatted on him and further those tattoos represent exactly who he is, as they would for any other person who refuses to remove them.
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    You guys think she should be fired cause her husband is a racist idiot? I’m undecided on that.
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    My first inclination is no...but the UFC is within it's right to do so
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    I would say no. But having him around, on broadcast, etc. is not the best idea. I would also think curtailing promotion on her, given her lack of basic awareness would not be uncalled for.
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    I don't want to see her fired but if I am the UFC, as Pointdexter pointed out, I wouldn't be too keen to promote her while he is on screen. Basically he can be in the back with her but I wouldn't allow him to corner her on camera. Think of it like this, Couture was not allowed to corner (UFC) fighters after he left the UFC for a bit. If they can prevent someone from cornering a fighter out of spite they can do so with a valid reason in front of them. This whole situation is weird because both of them acted stunned that the public is appalled that he has "a plethora of racist tattoos (his words)" like that is normal or acceptable.
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    Couture was under contract with the UFC.
    As far as I know, only the commission can have a say as to whether someone can corner a fighter or not. The corner isn't contracted with the promotion, their licensed by the state.

    If I'm wrong, then I'd welcome more accurate information.
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  9. SickNasty

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    That's weird.
  10. Sakara=Excitement

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    Her first response says it all and highlights the utter lack of pr help UFC fighters get.
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    What can they do, after all she's an independent contractor, pal ;)

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