UFC 235: Jones vs Smith Results and Discussion [Post Fight]

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  1. Anchorpunch

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    Come again? Jones now passes drug tests even when he fails. That's like a PhD in passing drug tests for fucks sake.
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    I'm under the impression that those three have nothing to do with MMA success
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    Biter, Farty, and Nebraska. I'm not sure which is a worse nickname.
  2. Qball1974

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    You didn't say success you said better :)

    Outside of MMA he does everything better.
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  3. S=E

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  4. Qball1974

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    Smart answer.
  5. chrisc

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    A few takeaways for me...

    1) he was really questioning which way the thumbs up was pointing lol
    2) he mentioned how he could hear the broadcast team. I’m not sure Joe and them yelling “He’s out! He’s out!” Is the best thing for a ref to hear.

    I can see where he’s coming from though, I just still think it was the wrong decision. I dunno a lot about grappling, especially compared to someone like @Palma but I’m pretty sure there’s not a choke that would make only your arm go limp.
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  6. disposableassassin

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    Haha that 'executioner choke' Joe is talking about is a fucking dragon sleeper in pro wrestling.
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  7. Cat--Smasher

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    Protect ya neck!
    -Herb Dean, 2019
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  8. Kano

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    I agree with Herb and Joe. Herb made the right decision to not let Ben paralyze Robbie.

    That squeeze dontcha know.
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