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UFC 200 Thread

Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by Kevo, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Kevo

    Kevo SMOKE BOMB!

    How do you guys think this card will look?
    Do we get Connor/Frankie?
    The return of GSP?
    Will RDA be back from injury?
  2. nbm02ss

    nbm02ss Well-Known Member

    I would like to see GSP come back vs. Lawler.

    I think McGregor defends the 145 strap, but don't know if it'll be Frankie or Aldo (hoping Frankie).
  3. Sakara=Excitement

    Sakara=Excitement Live.Love.Learn Site Donor

  4. Fedorlei Gomipierre

    Fedorlei Gomipierre The IQ Poster Site Donor

    IMO, there was a reason GSP was at the show on Saturday and now that Conor at 170 didn't really pan out, I think they're pivoting hard to find something for him.

    So, depending on who they can get and looking at which fighters would be ready to go or are waiting for a fight around this time, I'm thinking(and have been thinking about for the past few months lol)

    - GSP/Robbie (although 2 year layoff to return to fight Lawler is a huge task) or GSP vs. either Nate (coming off the massive pub of the Conor win) or Anderson (MMA's Floyd/Manny, which likewise could happen a few years past both's primes but would do MASSIVE business).

    - If GSP is a no-go, Robbie/Nate sounds silly, but I wouldn't put it past them after all the coverage Nate got post-Conor.

    - Conor/RDA or Conor/Aldo II (don't see them risking Conor drop two in a row against Frankie even if he'd be favoured).

    - Tate/Rousey III if Rousey thinks she can walk in and take the belt off Tate without having to take a title fight against the clashing style of Holm....

    - Cain vs. Browne, both need a fight and I think that's when Cain's targeting his return. Don't think they'll score Fedor as Cain's opponent though lol, but that'd be the HW fight if they could make it. I'd be curious if Browne and Rousey would both take fights on the same card now that they're together? Barnett is available as well but was somewhat apathetic about his fighting future after the Rothwell loss.

    - Cerrone vs. Masvidal or Poirier, although I wouldn't be shocked if they do this fight on one of their previous night's cards, both Cowboy and Masvidal have been chomping at this one for a while and holy shit would be a dope five-rounder.

    - I'm thinking they also spread some love to some of their more consistent "action" fighters like Diego, Lauzon, Stephens, Alves, Bronx, Lineker(might save the latter few for a Brazil card)

    - Given the massive number this should draw, they'll want to book some of their "future stars" in showcase fights, so over the several cards I'd expect to see Aljamain Sterling, Thomas Almeida, Juliana Pena, Garbrandt, PVZ, Sage and maybe Holloway. I doubt they'll want to burn-off so many potential main event fights that could headline a Fight Pass show or an FS1 deal, but I think they're shrewd enough businessmen to recognize the amount of exposure this major card (and surrounding events) will have and will look to best capitalize.
  5. Sakara=Excitement

    Sakara=Excitement Live.Love.Learn Site Donor

    Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley WW Championship
    Conor McGregor vs Frankie Edgar FW Championship
    RDA vs Eddie Alvarez LW Championship
    *Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunez BW Championship
    *Holly Holm vs Cat Zingano
    **GSP vs Nate Diaz
    Sterling vs Caraway
    Thomas Almedia vs Renan Barao

    *This is all based on the news that Ronda would not be ready for UFC 200 due to filming conflicts. All other titles are tied up I believe. Werdum fights two months before but would have to take no damage to have that quick a turn around.

    **If GSP returns I would prefer a title fight with Robbie
  6. Gurry

    Gurry BJ LW KING

    GSP goes into fight camp
    Firas says if he feels good he'll fight
    GSP says i dont know
    GSP shows up to his first UFC after 5 years
    Firas hints at the idea of Nate Diaz

    hes coming back.
  7. The Madman

    The Madman Well-Known Member

    I would like to see Aljamain Sterling vs Dillashaw for the number 1 contender spot on this card somewhere.
  8. SandyWH


    In realistic terms.....

    McGregor vs Aldo/Edgar - FW title
    Lawler vs Woodley - WW title
    Holm vs Zigano
    Brooks (Punk) vs Whatshisname
    Browne vs Nelson

    I think there's a very outside shot at a GSp return at 200. However, I think they very easily could do a Rory vs insert available WW & GSp vs Nate Diaz card in Canada at some point in the near future.

    You can't allow GSp to come back and take the title, what if he disappears again? And he won't fight Anderson in his first fight. He'll easily curb stomp Nate and then set up the big fight with Anderson.
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  9. Mr. Cornute

    Mr. Cornute Prince of Saiyan...stuff.

    I like this card.
  10. Sakara=Excitement

    Sakara=Excitement Live.Love.Learn Site Donor

    But not mine?

    You're dead to me.
  11. SandyWH


    There's no way they hold 4 title bouts on a single card. No matter how awesome it sounds.
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  12. Sakara=Excitement

    Sakara=Excitement Live.Love.Learn Site Donor

  13. lwbrewer

    lwbrewer Active Member

    I don't think if GSP does come back that it will be a title fight. More think someone he'd like to fight than drop off into retirement again, and Nick is one of those fights
  14. Poindexter

    Poindexter Reputation: ∞ Staff Member

  15. Mr. Cornute

    Mr. Cornute Prince of Saiyan...stuff.

    I agree.
    But t sounds like a great card.

    I would love to see Cat take the Holly or Nunes fight though...prefer Holly.
  16. Fedorlei Gomipierre

    Fedorlei Gomipierre The IQ Poster Site Donor

    Just reading the lay of the landscape of what fights they might be able to make that'll help them do huge business for UFC 200, I'm really curious if Chael's suspension would be up in time to garner him clearance to fight Anderson a third time? It completely lacks legitimacy and is a goofy set-up, but from a promotional standpoint and moving numbers, Chael/Anderson III is a money fight.
  17. Cat--Smasher

    Cat--Smasher Putting the stamp on kids Staff Member


    As much as I am enjoying Nate Diaz right now, you would think GSP would be gunning for a bigger challenge or something that would enhance his legacy.
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  18. Fedorlei Gomipierre

    Fedorlei Gomipierre The IQ Poster Site Donor

    GSP is a very smart man, with two years on the shelf, I think he sees an immediate Lawler match, without a tune-up as colossally risky. I think GSP and his people see the momentum of Nate Diaz, coming off the massive exposure of the Conor fight and win, as one-of-the biggest and probably the easiest "money" fight he can score for UFC 200 and afterwards, he can take a Robbie title fight if he feels he can still compete to his highest standards and still has the hunger.

    IMO, GSP's legacy is already set in stone. He has all the WW records, was a massive draw, doing tremendous gates and PPV buys over a considerably long period of time. He didn't fail a piss-test like Anderson or taint his legacy by being a clown, he didn't have the legal bullshit that Jones has and instead, carried himself like a professional ambassador for the sport, and he almost always fought the best in his division that was the knock against Fedor. For me, GSP dominated his division for years when it was filled to the brim with genuine, credible challengers (Fitch, Alves, Condit, Kos, Shields, Hughes, Hendricks even Diaz etc) who if GSP wasn't around to retain time and again in dominant fashion sans one SD, those just named would've all had reasonable shots at being WW champion.

    His record as it stands is pretty untouchable, a Lawler fight draws big and an Anderson fight would be both opportune and huge, but I think that given his name and bankability, there's a sound logic to focus on his business and look at the landscape to see where he can make the most money, with the least amount of risk, as I personally have felt that he hasn't had the same explosiveness since the knee surgeries.

    I think GSP merc'ing an undersized for WW Nate at UFC 200, testing the waters to see how he physically feels and then possibly angling for a Robbie title fight or Anderson fight depending on how GSP feels after fighting again, is arguably the smartest business direction he can take.
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  19. SandyWH


    How much of this is Zahabi just driving up his own own pockets?
    While the fight makes perfect sense to me, I just don't see it happening. Nate is now in Nick's "show pony" status where record doesn't mean shit because he sells tickets, and GSp needs a winnable fight if plans to return. But this is not a winnable fight for Diaz.

    Plus if he returns, who knows for how long. I just don't see GSp coming back for anything more than a fight or two. So if I were UFC I would refuse anything less than a fight with Silva or a rematch with Nick or Condit.

    GSp has always been about his legacy and that's why he wouldn't fight Silva then. Its why he was really the first in the UFC to basically only fight twice a year. He knew the more he fought the more he put that legacy at risk. I see him doing the same here and angling for Nate (a LW fighter) over a heavier more dangerous opponent.
  20. CA_Gas Bag

    CA_Gas Bag Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to wrap my head around Nate Diaz vs. GSP and what it would do for Nate if he did what Shields and his brother couldn't do...even with GSP having such a long layoff.

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