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Discussion in 'Training & Nutrition' started by tick, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. tick

    tick is banned?

    So I saw this thread over at T-nation and thought it was a good topic... What are training (and nutrition) things that you can't prove but believe. Where there really is very little scientific evidence behind it but it works for you and for others you know.

    For instance I believe that Squats / Cleans / Deadlifts / Snatchs are the best exercises you can do overall... That these exercises leave the whole body tired and gives the body a more useful strength.


    The T-nation thread if anyone is interested.
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  2. jesusatemyhotdog

    jesusatemyhotdog Welcome to the machine.

    I used to be a competitive Olympic lifter back in my younger days. I got into it when I was training for hockey and kept on competitively until I was finished school. Now I am fat and lazy, but I used to train local athletes through my weight lifting club. Olympic lifting is the best because it maintains flexibility while using stabilizer muscles in every lift. Power lifting is also great for the same reasons and is used to form the base for olympic lifting. Technique is very important though. If you perform a lift wrong, especially a snatch, you can fuck up your back severely.

    My coach actually wrote the training manual for the International Powerlifting Federation - A Practical Approach to Powerlifting. He was a multi time world masters champion in both powerlifting and Olympic Lifting.
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  3. tick

    tick is banned?

    I haven't done a snatch yet with a weighted Olympic bar... Only the bar or dumbells. I don't think my form is correct yet. Once I get a chance I am going to buy a 6 ft long piece of PVC pipe and practice with that. I rather learn the technique with little to no weight than try to use weight and hurt myself. The only thing pride will get me in this case is hurt.

    Any advice on how to teach myself the lift better?
  4. jesusatemyhotdog

    jesusatemyhotdog Welcome to the machine.

    Make sure that you always keep the bar close to your body.

    Just practice the pull over and over with just the bar and light weight. Start from a deadlift position with both hands in an overhand hook grip obviously. Feet shoulder width apart, hands outside of your feet by about 2 or 3 inches or to a position where you feel comfortable. Push the balls of your feet into the ground and explode while maintaining a straight back, chin up, bar close to your body until you get the bar to about chest height. Elbows should be pointing to the sky.

    Or just start with the empty bar at your waist, knees bent slightly, shoulders over your toes, spine straight and pull.

    That is the most important part of the lift - the pull. Also, overhead, wide grip hanging squats will get you comfortable with the finish position. Make sure to go deep into the squat, because that will be the finish position.

    When you have these two mastered, combine them. You want to pull as high as you can, should almost be on your tip toes, then drop into the deep squat to catch the bar and finish the lift. Chin always up, maintain focus on spot on the wall and keep that focus for the whole lift.

    I do recommend you get proper training though.
  5. strife

    strife I

    Every time I tried to do a snatch style with a overhead squat variant mixed in, my balance at the bottom of the overhead squat is so horrible. Is it normal for me to be forced onto the balls of my feet for an overhead squat? Is it something that may be influenced from all my jiu-jitsu training and hip flexibility that makes this lift impossible? I can't keep my feet flat at the bottom if I even want to attempt going deep into the squat at all since it forces my chest too far out and I can feel the pressure on my knees. I am naturally slightly duck footed and have a slight duck-footed stance when I squat/deadlift, can't keep my feet straight at all because of the pressure on my knees (it forces my feet out).
  6. jesusatemyhotdog

    jesusatemyhotdog Welcome to the machine.

    That can be corrected with weight lifting shoes with an elevated heel. It centers your body. Notice that all powerlifters and weightlifters use them. You can get a good pair online for 80-100 dollars.

    Here is a decent article explaining their benefits and some of the different styles: http://www.exrx.net/WeightTraining/Weightlifting/WeightliftingShoes.html
  7. Paytheplayer

    Paytheplayer Left leg put u 2 cemetery

    I always thought that those were proven? Maybe I just read about them being the best so much that I thought it was fact.
    Oh well, regardless I think you're right about that.
  8. Poindexter

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  9. Miz

    Miz mortality, ka, and the Tower

    I don't think I could take Tito's advice even if it was sound. He married Jenna Jameson. Nothing against porn stars I just can't see myself wedding one. Course I am player hater of the year. I could see bedding a porn star.
  10. Trodden

    Trodden Aggretsuko is my power animal

    Things I believe but can't prove.....

    Leprechaun's are extinct because the dragons ate them

    Nickelback fans all have brain damage

    All cats come from Hell

    Lesbian pornstar pussy tastes like cheesecake

    And somewhere Bisping has naked pictures of Joe Silva and Dana White
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  11. Kano

    Kano My New Challenge Site Donor

    Things I believe but can't prove: humans have been genetically modified by beings technologically advanced far beyond our capabilities. Ie, aliens.
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