Technical Question: Access Database File Storage

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Ninjastix, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Ninjastix

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    Hey folks, quick question:

    I need a solution whereby I can host an Access database at a distance to do some testing. I would rather not stand up my own file server, because I gotta find a machine, an ISO, and configure the fucking thing not to mention if the VM is hosted on the same machine I'm testing it's less than ideal.

    But I also can't rely on a cloud-service to host because they regularly sync files and that's a death sentence for an Access database. I can nest the database in other words. So I'm looking or a solution that would operate like an external machine to plop my database onto where I could test remotely accessing using my application.

    Any ideas or recommendations before I start down an internet rabbit hole?
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    This makes me scared.
  3. thumper

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    @Ninjastix huh? i'm not sure I can help. we don't run IIS on anything. All we run are MariaDB stuff on Amazons Relational Databases. then run dedicated instances of CentOS 7 for web services, and Elastic Load Balancers

    however, you can sign up to get a year of free AWS services. we're long past that on our account, but you could run RDS for DB stuff, run your own IIS services etc if you know how to do it?!

  4. Ninjastix

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    No, I'm actually looking for something much smaller in scope and it's not related to the forum.. at all.

    Basically I work with an application that stores its data in Access databases. Because my work resoruces are shit as we're woefully underfunded, I need to do my own testing if I want answers. I want to stress test an Access database but I don't want to build or host my own physical or virtual server. I need to simulate at-a-distance access same as a client would.

    I'm looking for an easy/cheap way to do this. Essentially I need a bare bones file server I can access.

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