Teacher fired for not giving half credit for nothing turned in

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    I dunno man, I get what you’re saying about helping and not killing a kid. So let them make it up for partial credit or something, just giving a 50 for nothing turned in? What is teaching them? “Hey we want to help you pass so he’s a 50 for nothing.” What about the kid who tries and gets a 50? I’d be pissed.
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    Yeah...two zeros after a one.

    (I’m sorry I know that was lame )
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    @chrisc I made it sound like I was agreeing 100 % with what they were doing. It would have been more accurate just stating that I see why they might do that. My district did not have this policy. Either way it was district policy so she can go and find a different district to work for. When I taught I had no desire to be in district policies. As a sped teacher you follow IDEA which is federal law. The Individual with Disabilities Education Act supercedes district policy.
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    Ah got ya, makes sense.

    Being a sped teacher, how was it having @Nebraska in class?
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