T.J. Dillashaw is relinquishing his UFC bantamweight title after failing test

Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by Kevo, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Kevo

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    Breaking: T.J. Dillashaw is relinquishing his UFC bantamweight title following an “adverse finding” in a January drug test. He will be suspended for a year retroactive to Jan. 19, sources tell Ariel Helwani. (via ESPN MMA)

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  2. Anchorpunch

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    If he pops for turinabol, I will laugh my damn ass off.
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  3. Ninjastix

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  4. Qball1974

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    "Out of fairness and respect to the rest of my division" :rofl:

    Fucking twat.
  5. Cat--Smasher

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    Well shit eh, so quickly from the top of it all to the bottom.


    So now what do they do with Cejudo?
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    Who gets first crack at the bantam weight title?
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  6. Fedorlei Gomipierre

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    Cejudo/Moraes now, right?
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  7. sourdough

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    Let Cejudo avenge his loss the Benavidez. Moraes can rematch Sterling or fight Munhoz.
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  8. Cat--Smasher

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  9. m1ckey kn0x

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    Damn... what a crushing disappointment that is.
  10. Fedorlei Gomipierre

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    I'd prefer Moraes/Munhoz since I think they're both stellar challengers at 135, but when I'm looking at how they are treating 125, I'm not confident in them not using this situation to graduate Cejudo up a division.
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  11. Qball1974

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    Two years for a first offence now isn't it?

    or the two tier system going to kick in.
  12. thumper

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    Well let's chart this. We know what will be happening. Regardless of what he's legitimately being popped for. The next statement (which he's already hinted to) will be a tainted supplement. he'll get that bullshit Jone's vindication, come back for his title fight and try to win. Then he think's it will clear his name and continue his legacy, showing him as a 'stand up guy' for relinquishing the belt even though he knew he wasn't knowingly doping.

    every pop from here on out will go this way. And I'd venture 99.9% of them are bullshit.
  13. ATJ-Lucko

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  14. chrisc

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    Sterling/moraes for the title
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  15. 1inthechamber

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    Lol not surprising. If I remember correctly someone alluded to him juicing in alphamale.

    Probably some winstrol or other diuretic to cut weight. And still got his ass whooped. Fuck him.
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  16. Sydman

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    First thought was a diuretic to make 125. Will definitly be interesting to see what develops. As much as I can’t stand Garbrandt I actually want to hear his take on this one.
  17. Kano

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    Too bad, I am TJ fan. But what he did to his body getting to 125, he's not recovering from.
  18. chrisc

    chrisc Ninja

    I remember their first fight Cody hinted at it a few times
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  19. disposableassassin

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    I guess that super scientific weight cut he was talking about involved some chemistry.
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  20. Thamob

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    Cody Garbrandt claimed T.J. Dillashaw was using PEDs in 2017: He showed everyone in Team Alpha Male how to use them

    On Wednesday morning, T.J. Dillashaw announced that he had voluntarily relinquished his UFC bantamweight title after failing a drug test.

    The failed drug test stems from his flyweight title bout with Henry Cejudo at UFC Fight Night 143, which Dillashaw lost via first-round technical knockout.

    ESPN’s Ariel Helwani claims that Dillashaw has been suspended for one year by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC), with a formal announcement expected to be made this morning.

    Although it hasn’t yet been revealed what substance TJ tested positive for, it’s interesting to note that former teammate Cody Garbrandt accused Dillashaw of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) back in 2017, prior to their co-headlining bantamweight championship bout at UFC 217.

    Garbrandt, who lost to Dillashaw in back-to-back fights, accused Dillashaw of encouraging the use of performance-enhancing drugs at Team Alpha Male.

    “Oh yea, the guys on everything,” Garbrandt said at the UFC 217 pre-fight press conference. “He’s on everything. You’re the one that showed everyone how to do it on Team Alpha Male. Look at him, he has nothing to say.”


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