Reliving Breaking Bad

Discussion in 'Movie, TV, & Video Games' started by thumper, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. thumper

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    I had never seen this before a couple years ago.

    I binge watched the whole thing and fucking loved it. Well except for his wife Skyler. fucking hated her.

    Just decided to kick back and burn a few days when I get time (yea right) so i watched episode 1 again just now.

    When he gasses those two dudes it was awesome.

    Anyway. I was thinking about doing it with this or Lost.

    I have plans to do this with GoT too. i haven't seen even 1 minute of that one yet. B ut I've never rewatched a series like this before. I've done the Netflix thing before. started with the office back in 2008.

    Anyone ever do a double binge?
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  2. Poindexter

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    No, but I've thought about it.
  3. disposableassassin

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    You gotta hit GoT but at this point You might as well wait until it's over. I love lost and binge it every year.

    I can't watch breaking bad though. I just can't stomach the meth stuff after everything I lived through.
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