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Discussion in 'Training & Nutrition' started by Clark Kent, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent Well-Known Member

    I’m still workin out 4-6 days a week but my question is this. Should I be eating after or before my workout. Also why on some days after my workout do I feel like I can eat everything in my house.

    I recently took about a month off doing my internship with the sheriffs department and I’ll never take that much time off again, my fucking bench dropped about 90lbs and my squat little more. I’m getting back there but shit didn’t think it would drop that much.
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  2. Miz

    Miz mortality, ka, and the Tower

    Funny how quickly a thing like bench can drop that much. Luckily it comes back fairly quickly in my experience. When I was in shape I could bench quite a bit. I bet I couldn’t do 185 right now. Need to get back in shape. Maybe I’ll do a work out today after seeing this.

    I have no idea about the question but if you take a protein shake I think a lot of them tell you on the back in the instructions. Mine says 30 mintutes after a workout.
  3. MBC

    MBC Well-Known Member

    If you are hungry you should eat. If it’s before or after. I was able to drop 40lbs and keep all my strength from eating a high protein, mid fat and low carb diet. I always eat about and hour before I’m working out, then again I eat every 2-3 hours anyway. I’ll also eat after my workout. Normally a banana, wheat toast and some peanut butter with a protein shake. If not it’s egg whites and a protein shake. Also if you find yourself tired and sluggish you are also not eating enough.
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  4. disposableassassin

    disposableassassin Mutatis Mutandis Site Donor

    Pretty much this. I'm lighter and stronger than I've ever been. I eat this way myself for the most part.
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  5. MBC

    MBC Well-Known Member

    I’m at 205lbs body weight down from 245 and all lifts are either the same as they were or higher. Before I use to lose big strength from losing weight. The reason was because my diet was awful, my diet now is 100% clean eating. No booze. 3-5 miles a day running, 1.5 in the gym lifting before the run. Gallon or more a day of water. I’ve never felt better. As of now I’m pushing 320 for 3 fail on 4th attempt half way. Squat I’m just doing sets of 405x8 for 3 sets and my dead lift I’m just doing sets of 12 reps with 405. I haven’t been maxing out on anything although I may try last 3 weeks of September just to see where I’m at. I have also been able to get the 70lb dumbbells for 5 clean curls on my last set on arm day. Well, before I do the light negative curls for slow counts anyway
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  6. chrisc

    chrisc Ninja

    Both. You need to eat before to help fuel it. Probably like 20-30% of your carbs and protein before and after ( general rule) I’d say if it’s a large meal, 2-3 hours before you eat, small meal like 1-2 hours or if a snack like 30 minutes

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