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Peter Stzrok Live testimony in front of House Committee

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by Mr. Cornute, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Mr. Cornute

    Mr. Cornute Prince of Saiyan...stuff.


    Peter Stzrok is testifying live in front of the House and Rep. Nadler is needling the committee Chairman Goodlatte about releasing the private testimony and Goodlatte just advised that he will not release transcript.

    Further, other House members are also now needling Goodlatte about how they are letting out some of the private conversation but not all.
  2. #1taz

    #1taz You sure you want me to give a fuck? Site Donor

    What a shit show. A few of our politicians publically displaying their stupidity. Great.
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  3. strife

    strife I

    Belongs in Trump thread. I'm almost ashamed that you would distract from our beautiful forum with this stupid shit
  4. strife

    strife I

    I just realized how big of a moron I am. Serves me right for smoking all day and clicking the first thing that popped up, did not see the section lol.
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